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Students Mentorship Marketplace Provide your students with a go-to source of 120+ vetted mentors or a subset of them.
College Grads Mentorship as a Service Hire a mentorship team for your school, available at any time or for fixed sessions.
Professionals Alumni Reconnect Re-engage your alumni network with a platform that knows how to bring together students and mentors.
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Jess Telford
"You're giving them access to experts who can help them on that journey, guide their missteps, bounce ideas off, and be a consistency when other things might be changing around them!"

- Jess Telford, Founder of Cete

Adekunle Oduye

Adekunle Oduye
NYC-based Designer
Meet the Mentor

Egle Full Portrait
We talked to Egle Zuzeviciute, a Product Marketer at Exacaster in Lithuania about her experience with her mentor Lloyd Jacob, the benefits she got from it and how she has grown professionally thanks to the access to an international expert.
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