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Dominic Monn

Founder at MentorCruise
 Approx. 30 minutes  $39
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Message from Dominic

As the founder of this platform, I hope I can do a good job in showing you around MentorCruise, and explaining in detail how we conduct our mentorships.

We can go over anything you'd like, including what to expect, how to find a mentor, how to write a good application, and what happens after! Also happy to give you some input on making it all work out!

In the course of this, I'd also be happy to point you towards any suitable mentors. Just let me know beforehand what you're looking for!

About this Session

If you're looking for a mentor, and you're just not sure about how this all works – this should be for you. In a casual, informal introductory call, a mentor will introduce themselves, show you around the platform, explain how our mentorships work and explain how they would set up a mentorship with you.

This session is perfect if you're looking for a longterm mentor, but you're just not sure how this can work – or if you already set eyes on a specific mentor, and want to get to know them beforehand.