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Hey all 👋

Thanks for stopping by here at I created this community! However, this is only my sideproject. In "real life" I work on Machine Learning/Deep Learning. I am a Udacity Grad and former Deep Learning Intern at NVIDIA.

If you are coming from an uncommon background and you want to start a new career in this space, feel free to apply to me. Excited to hear from you!... [View More]

CV Feedback

Having a good resume on hand when going on the job hunt is crucial, and will make your search a lot easier. Even if you're not looking for a new position right ... ... Read More

 Approx. 30 minutes  $69

Introductory Call

If you're looking for a mentor, and you're just not sure about how this all works – this should be for you. In a casual, informal introductory call, a mentor will introduce ... ... Read More

 Approx. 30 minutes  $39

How to build a marketplace

With I have successfully built a marketplace from the much dreaded chicken-and-egg problem to over 6,000 users and 300 mentors (May 2020). If you are in your early stages of building ... ... Read More

 Approx. 30 minutes  $100