Aymen Segni


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Team Lead Site Reliability Engineering - Auto1 Group

I help peoples discover and enhance their full potential in the world of Technology - Architecture, Leadership, Soft Skills, Career Transitions. We will work together on you and your code. I love brainstorming and building together!
Hi there šŸ‘‹ and welcome in my profile ^^
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Expert Consultation

Whatever doesn't fit the mold: Get a full hour with a mentor to discuss your needs. Be it help with coding something, creating a software architecture, deciding on a strategy for your ā€¦ ... Read More

 Approx. 60 minutes  $149

Introductory Call

If you're looking for a mentor, and you're just not sure about how this all works ā€“ this should be for you. In a casual, informal introductory call, a mentor will introduce ā€¦ ... Read More

 Approx. 30 minutes  $39

Interview Preparation

Some big interviews coming up? In this 1-hour session, a mentor with hiring experience will act as a technical interviewer and ask you some standard hiring questions that you might hear in ā€¦ ... Read More

 Approx. 60 minutes  $99

Career Strategy

Sometimes, a strategy is needed to accomplish a future career change, or simply to get further in your current position. Should you go back to school? Look for a new job? Learn ā€¦ ... Read More

 Approx. 45 minutes  $89

Work Review

Not sure about your newest design? Not sure if your code is as good as it can be? Portfolio site looking a bit, meh? In this session, a mentor will sit down ā€¦ ... Read More

 Approx. 45 minutes  $89

Study Plan

Looking to learn a new skill? The vast amount of resources on any topic on the internet can feel overwhelming at times. A mentor can give you an overview of worthwhile content, ā€¦ ... Read More

 Approx. 45 minutes  $89