Book "Startup Founder Help" with Lloyd Jacob

Lloyd Jacob

5x Founder, Ex YC Grand, Product & Marketing Guru, founder, startup at BigEngage
 Approx. 60 minutes  $75

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About this Session

This session is focused on Startup Founders.
Here are the topics we cover:
- debating between multiple ideas
- frameworks for deciding on your product idea
- product-market fit fundamentals
- understanding your audience/end-users
- planning your MVP
- breakdown your MVP into milestones
- creating your company vision and mission which will guide your growth, product and all strategies.
- *BEST* I am your boucing board- talk to me about stress, co-founder issues, work/life/full-time job balance.
- open discussions that I may not have covered

Chat times:
- Weekend- 5 am - 11 pm PST USA time zone
- Weekdays- 5-8 am, 6-11 pm PST USA time zone
- Skype, Whatsapp, Zoom