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Keith Brewster

Senior Developer, Digital Products, Media Operations at CBC/Radio-Canada
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Message from Keith

Hey there! I've been developing professionally for 6 years with a deep focus in JavaScript. My current responsibilities at work are helping to coordinate multiple teams making pull requests into a single application, and making sure that the quality of code being submitted is up to standard. This means that I'm performing multiple code reviews on a day-to-day basis, and it's incredibly important that I provide concise, valuable feedback.

I want to make sure that I'm the perfect fit for you, so here's a list of what I feel I would be best suited for:

- Best practices
- React performance review
- General code review
- Functional programming design
- JavaScript optimizations
- Portfolio review

Please note, I'm not a UI/UX developer; while I think I have a good eye for design, I can't with good conscience provide feedback on UI/UX designs (though I am willing to include my opinion as part of an application review). Also, I'm looking to analyze small to medium size projects (side-projects, portfolios, etc).

I can promise you my absolute discretion in my analysis, and I am willing to work within whatever sort of constraints will make you most comfortable.

Thanks for reading, and I'm hoping to work with you soon!

About this Session

Not sure about your newest design? Not sure if your code is as good as it can be? Portfolio site looking a bit, meh?

In this session, a mentor will sit down with you, and give you some inputs to make your work better, be it a code review, inputs on your design, or some inspiration for your project.

This is not a hands-on session! The mentor will not touch code or design your work for you. For something closer to that, book a consultation!