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Popular mentoring topics

How to get accountability

Successful leaders trust on advisors and mentors to provide them with accountability and a wall to bounce ideas off

How to get a raise

Salary negotiation is the #1 skill that determines your compensation. You don't get what you never ask for!

How to learn a new tool

The tech and tool landscape is ever-changing! Don't fall behind, learn about the tools of tomorrow!

How to start a business

How come that 75% of people want to start a business, but only 5% ever do? Get the help you need to do the start!

How to build a team

Going from individual contributor to team manager is never easy. Become a better manager and a more empathetic leader as you build out a team.

How to change jobs

Time to switch jobs? Here's to new beginnings! Get a mentor by your side to help you through the turbulent times!

How to become a leader

Leaderships is one of the most in-demand skills in the job market today! Reach new heights by shaping up your leadership skills.

How to grow a business

You're done with Zero to One? It's time to scale! Learn from best-in-class mentors about how to take your business to the next level

How to learn a new skill

The core to unlocking personal and professional growth is to shape up your skills. Get a mentor to help you with that!

How to grow your career

Going from Junior to Senior is no easy feat, takes determination and a lot of willpower! It's a thousand times easier with a mentor, though!

How to pass interviews

Get to the places you've always dreamed of thanks to inside knowledge and focused interview coaching.

How to change careers

Time for something new? Learn from experts about how things look like from the inside, shape up your skills, train for interviews and start a new career!

How to build a product

Be it as a founder or in your day job, building a product is a challenging endeavour that requires multi-disciplinary skills

How to foster team culture

Fostering a great team culture is not only a manager topic – but an important topic for any leader in the industry.

How to build a remote team

Remote work is rising in popularity, but the new work scheme sometimes uncovers unexpected difficulties.

How to improve diversity and inclusion

A good workplace is one that is diverse in thoughts, abilities, backgrounds and cultures.

How to train new managers

Life as a manager is not always easy, especially at the start.

How to set career goals

Goal setting and accountability is key to a successful career

How to be a better mentor

Being a mentor doesn't mean you won't need some help here and there

How to manage impostor syndrome

80% of professionals report to feel impostor syndrome to some degree. Overcoming this challenge and putting impostor syndrome behind you is key to a fulfilling and successful career.

How to build a personal brand

Create more opportunities for your work and business by building an impressive and wide-reaching personal brand.

How to raise funding

Get help with the ins-and-outs of raising funding for your business, projects, organization or initiative.

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