Sushil Tailor


Senior Software Engineer & Team Lead - Quantum Mob

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I've been a full-stack software engineer for around 8 years now. As someone who is self-taught, I grinded my way into a junior developer role on my own, and many years later now I wear many hats as a scrum master, team lead, & senior engineer at a digital consultancy as someone who has a hand in architecture, project delivery, and hiring talent.

I am available to mentor:
- a fresh developer who wants to break into tech,
- a product owner or scrum master who needs advice on how to settle into their role,
- someone who'd like a no-frills economic take on how to manoeuvre the job market,
- someone ambitious who wants to move up in their career,
- an individual looking for work and just need some interview prep

I value pragmatic advice, a push for excellence, and hands-on collaboration. Looking forward to working with you!

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