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Why do I need a mentor?

Mentorship can help you in various stages of your levels and with a range of different goals. Examples?

  • Career Start: Are you a student? New to Software Engineering? A mentor can help you with your career start by giving you advice, helping you find good opportunities and possibly even introducing you to their network.
  • Career Change: Every year people get out of their comfort zone in order to change their lives and careers - and we love that! A mentor can help you with this change in the same way as they do for career starters.
  • Learning New Skills: Our mentors are proficient in a large range of different skills. Want to learn a new skill? We might have a mentor for that.
  • A constant: Your life changes on the regular. No matter if you change your school, your job or anything else: Your mentor is there for you.

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Did you know?

People with a mentor are 5x more likely to get promoted1

Meet our Mentors

Our mentors are hand-picked professionals which have proved themselves and worked in the technology industry in the areas of Engineering, Data, Design or Business for some time. They have the skills and confidence to teach and mentor you effectively.

Mentors offer a variety of different services, which reach from casual chat availability to hands-on coding commitments and 1-on-1 calls. Depending on your needs, you can choose which ones of these you desire.

"You're giving them access to experts who can help them on that journey, guide their missteps, bounce ideas off, and be a consistency when other things might be changing around them! 🎉" - @jesstelford

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Sebastien Provencher

Sebastien is one of our many talented mentors, providing mentorship in Artificial Intelligence, Business Development and Product Management. We featured him on our Blog as well.


No strings attached

Our mentors offer their services for free or for a weekly payment - it is their choice. We encourage them to set fair prices, based on the services they offer, their salary and the amount of students they mentor.

As a student, you are required to pay your mentor the amount that they have set beforehand. But don't worry, you can unsubscribe at any time! There are no hidden costs for you, no long-term contract or confusing cancellation process.

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Young people with a mentor are more than twice as likely to end up in a leadership position1


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