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1-on-1 Mentorship

Break into tech, amplify your skills, & fast-track your career-growth.

Finding a mentor on MentorCruise
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The Mentorship for All

Have your own personal coach to guide you through every step. The personal advice and guidance tailored to you paves your way to success.
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Say Bye to Self-Doubt,
Hello to Confidence

Step up your career game plan, prep up interviews, job search & promotion. Your mentor will listen to your doubts, give solutions (all drawn from their experience) and take you where you want to be.
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Stay guided, always.

Have 1-on-1 interaction with your mentors to discuss your progress, roadblocks you face in assignments, career/job etc. Your mentor acts as an accountability partner, thereby accelerating your learning.
Weekly Goals
Chat Icon Weekly Goals & Activities

Learn what matters.

Work on assignments that keeps you focused & consistent. Your mentor challenges you with weekly tasks that are designed to take your skills to the next level & help you accomplish long-term goals.
Venkat Raman
"Thanks to Adrianus and this platform, I'm learning a lot everyday. It has helped me get a clear vision of my goals and made me confident that I'm going to be able to reach them."

- Venkat Raman, a Cybersecurity mentee.

Chat Icon Video Calls

Stuck? Never again.

Nothing like getting your doubts being cleared via 1-on-1 video calls with your mentor. Depending on the complexity and urgency of your needs, hop on a quick call.
Egle Zuzeviciute
"I had a few awesome sessions with Lloyd already. I got new ideas on how to improve my work and contribute to my company's goals."

- Egle Zuzeviciute, a Product Marketing mentee.
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Video Calls
Hands-on Code Help
Chat Icon Hands-on Coding Support

Get answers faster.

Your mentors can help you with fixing smaller bugs, hinting at potential code issues to help resolve your queries in your personal projects. Code help for commercial projects is not entertained.
Poly 4
 Sessions NEW

Book a mentor in minutes.

Finding and choosing a mentor can mean a lot of work. With Sessions, we are introducing a new offering which allows you to book a mentor for a single, pre-defined online session within a few minutes. No applications, no back-and-forth, just book.

Mentoring by Industry Veterans
to give You an Edge in your Career

The best experts in the industry will prepare you to be well-equipped to tackle on any real-world challenges like completing a career change or upping the ante to get a job promotion. These experts are hand-picked and cautiously vetted to give you an enriching, career-rewarding experience.
Jess Telford
"You're giving them access to experts who can help them on that journey, guide their missteps, bounce ideas off, and be a consistency when other things might be changing around them!"

- Jess Telford, Founder of Cete

Egle Full Portrait

Egle Zuzeviciute
Product Marketer & Mentee
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Ryan Wilson Portrait
We talked to Ryan Wilson, a now-retired professional basketball player from the UK about his journey to Cybersecurity, and how one of our mentors helped him put his passion into reaching his big next goal: starting a career in Tech.
Poly 5

Simple Pricing.
Pay as you go.

Choose mentors based on your budget and make monthly payments, which enables you to pay as you go, instead of paying upfront. No hidden costs. Cancel anytime. Mentors offer a 7-day risk free trial. We guarantee you get your money back, should things not be up to your expectations.
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Vetted & Experienced Mentors
Working towards your long-term goal
Regular Check-ins through Chat
Study Plans & Activities
1-on-1 Calls possible
Career Change & Coaching
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Our very best Mentors
Working towards your long-term goal
Daily Check-ins through Chat
Study Plans, Activities, Coaching & Support
Regular 1-on-1 Calls, if wanted.
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Dominic Monn

"Young professionals and students often try to reach out to more experienced people for mentorship, but the chances of getting ignored are high.

'Mentorship isn't formal, it evolves naturally' - is a common thing you might hear. However, if you are in need for help, this comment is incredibly discouraging.

So I decided to build mentorship in the most formal way possible: a marketplace."

- Dominic Monn, Founder of MentorCruise

Don't take our word for it

Over 500 students, grads and professionals have signed up for a mentorship with us before, and left an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 for their mentors. Many of our mentors and mentees have been working together for a year or more now.


"Annie is an amazing mentor who gives me great advice enthusiastically. Her successful experience and wide knowledge in the field have improved my skills for career development."

- Izo, a Web Development mentee.


"Pooja is very organized and an excellent mentor. She is very friendly and understand Flutter and Dart very well. Anyone needing help with Flutter would be wise to add Pooja as a mentor."

- Mike, a Flutter mentee.


"Holly gave excellent mentorship when I had troubles choosing a path in my tech career. Thank you Holly for your advice and help!"

- Kimmy, a Software Engineering mentee.


"Sandrina helps me a lot and inspires me very much! I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a mentor."

- David, a Frontend mentee.


"Diana is the type of mentor you want to keep for a long time if you are looking for someone to guide you through the coding world. She immediately identified my goals and helped me find a learning path."

- Jerrica, a JavaScript mentee.


"Trace went above and beyond to help me build a backend for my application. Reaching out to Trace was the best decision I've made in a long time."

- Mark, a Web Development mentee.

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Re-inventing the mentorship model

We understand the impact of a solid mentorship on any student or professional’s life. But, we were frustrated with expensive bootcamps, online MOOC courses & video programs with their lack of 1-on-1 coaching. That’s why set out to build a platform that’s affordable, offers rock-solid career adivce & improves your life.
Just One Caveat! Prepare yourself for working
hard during the mentorship, the more you work
the more you will get out of it!
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