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Am I ready to be a mentor?

We hear quite often that people believe that they aren't "good enough" to be a mentor. Usually, that's incorrect. Nonetheless, we wanted to give you a little checklist.

You need time

We are quite flexible in how much time you want to invest. Depending on what you provide, this can be between 5 minutes per day, or multiple hours per week.

You need to show up

We don't care what degree you have, or what awards you've won. The #1 reason why people love our mentorships is because people care for them and are available.

You need some experience

We have found that mentorships work best if people bring a bit of relatable industry experience with them. If you've just entered your undergrad program, let's wait a bit.

You DON'T need a fancy degree or decades of experience

Our mentoring team includes high school dropouts and PhDs, Junior Web Devs and Senior Product Managers. We're open to anyone if we feel like you can help people.

Being open and empathic

You'll meet people from all sorts of backgrounds and situations. There is no space for elitism or judgement. Be open and understand people's needs. You'll be fine.

Is this for me?

If you're still wondering if you're cut to be a mentor, let us do the work, and just apply. We pride ourselves with being open, inclusive and honest. All you can get out of this is growth.

I'm ready to become a mentor

Quality is our first priority!

We are continuously tweaking our recruitment process to ensure quality of our mentors. When you apply to become a mentor, you'll usually go through the following steps.

Application & Vetting

After filling an application form, we will take a look and see if you'd fit our wide-ranging mentorship team. Besides your achievements and experience, we like to see a passion for helping others in one way or another.

Onboarding & Start

We will get you up and running with our mentoring methods. You'll meet all other mentors in the community and get taught about best practises that we've learned over time.

Mentoring & Evaluation

You'll receive your public mentoring profile and will start to see applications from mentees coming in. We are sure you'll start mentoring soon and we are excited to see how you'll do!

I'm ready to become a mentor

What's in it for you?

We appreciate that you're taking the time to help other people grow! We're sure you'll appreciate the benefits being a MentorCruise mentor too!


We love to see people mentoring others for free, but you can set a weekly rate as well!

Teaching = Learning

Mentoring is a good way to build skills in leadership, empathy and teaching. Employers like that!


You'll meet tons of new people. Maybe your next coworker or business partner is one of them?

Apply to be a mentor

You will be in good hands: Industry veterans,
innovators and great minds.

There's nothing better than having a strong support network. You'll be lucky to call our co-mentors your peers, as you share best practises in our small community, empower each others and grow immensely. Meet the Mentors to find out more.