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"I can't be more grateful to Diana, she has provided me with countless resources and has inspired me a lot."

- Sol about Diana Lopez

"Arvid is a very caring person. Professional in his approach, and clear in his thoughts and communications. I have already recommended him to some of my friends."

- Diederik about Arvid Kahl

"My main goal was to get the guidance and learn from another experienced specialist. I’m keen to grow as fast as I can in my career and it’s great to have such platform like MentorCruise to help you."

- Egle Zuzeviciute about Lloyd Jacob

"Harriet has been a fantastic mentor, and really helped to improve my motivation whilst learning to code. She has listened to the areas I would like to improve and offered helpful advice and practical activities that have specifically targeted them."

- Daniel

"Great mentor, has helped me whenever when I asked something and never failed to give valuable advice along the way to keep me going!"

- Mikula

"Tristan is a great mentor, with a vast knowledge base on entrepreneurship. He has been very helpful in guiding me through the sheer complexity of information that you find online, his links being the best that you could find on the subject! I highly recommend Tristan as a mentor for budding entrepreneurs."

- Svadera about Tristan Pollock

"Mark is an amazing person and equally awesome mentor. I remember the first time I spoke with him, like many I was apprehensive about breaking into Tech. In less than two months I am able to crack some of the most important technical interviews. Do I have to say more?"

- Aarzoo about Mark van der Velden

"We just had an introductory call, but he already gave me some really good insights."

- Milo about Arvid Kahl

"You can't do any better than Annie. She knows her craft backwards and forwards. If you can get with her, do it. Best choice you'll ever make."

- Peyton

"James had spot on answers for me, all questions were answered intelligently and eloquently. I really appreciate him helping me out with everything. I was super impressed with how fast James answered my questions and had suggestions that led me down the right path."

- Wendi about James Ma

"Raounak is a very helpful mentor who has helped me a lot in clarifying my doubts in programming concepts. Moreover, he gave professional advice for my first coding job interview. His answers to my questions have guided me during my coding journey."

- Avery about Raounak Sharma

"Great. I plan to look to work with Trace again later on."

- Jas about Trace Ohrt

"Markus is an amazing mentor! He's been answering all my questions about coding and giving me the best career advice. I highly recommend him."

- Renato about Markus Hinsche

"Jordi was a great mentor, and the challenges he set for me really helped me improve and set goals for myself in the long run! I'd highly recommend checking him out!"

- Ben about Jordi Scharloo

"It is wonderful – Georgie helped me a lot!"

- Tianyou about Georgie Luhur Cooke

"Mohit was a very good teacher, he was patient and explained everything to me very precisely. Through him I learned things that would have taken me three times as long to learn on my own."

- Sang about Mohit Sharma

"Taking a mentor is one of the best decisions I made this year. And I'm super lucky to have found Carlos, he is super dedicated, always here to answer my questions, very knowledgeable, fun and kind! Thanks to Carlos I feel that I can take any project and I will not be stuck, and learn anything deeply!"

- Alexandra about Carlos David Loureda Parrado

"Great experience, pursuing data analytics now."

- Ty about Eric Hamers

"Our session was jam packed with thoughtful conversations and it really flew by. At the end, we decided on a direction for my business."

- Trent about Danielle Simpson

"Ian was the perfect mentor for me. I originally contacted him to help get me into my first job and he did just that. He reviewed all my projects, code, resume, and my LinkedIn. My helped me narrow my search for the right jobs. Then he continually gave me tasks and assignments and helped me keep improving. Ultimately, I got my first job! He was definitely invested in my growth and I couldn't have asked for a better mentor."

- Brian about Ian Grabill

"Hugo is really good mentor . Answered all my questions and and explained them to me and also shows you documentation!"

- Dante about Hugo Di Francesco

"Probably the most knowledgable person in AWS, DevOps and infrastructure you're ever going to meet. You should definitely give him a call. He is super kind, understanding and willing to work with you where you are."

- Peyton about Yashish Dua

"Kalle is a great mentor. He always finds a way to get me an answer for my questions. He is very helpful and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend him."

- Sosa about Kalle Bylin

"Great chatting with someone in the field, as someone who doesn't come from a computer science background to get a quick and thorough breakdown of python and the capabilities, was more than I expected. Would recommend! Bryan is very easy to talk to and quite informative on the subject."

- Richard about Bryan Tong

"Carlos is very knowledgeable and was both supportive and flexible! Thanks so much Carlos."

- Chris about Carlos David Loureda Parrado

"Laurin is a great mentor! He has an impressive flow of thoughts that makes one think outside of the box. He is very attentive to details and puts effort into understanding your background and customizes his knowledge to your needs."

- Omar about Laurin Lukas Stahl

"Excellent mentor, highly recommended. Will give you strategies and accountability in your learning journey."

- Connor about Benjamin Bell

"My mentorship with Ricardo has helped me a lot in a small time window. There were many concepts I was confused about in JavaScript and React before starting my mentorship with Ricardo, but then he explained them to me, which made me more confident. Ricardo is able to break down complicated concepts and is patient when doing so. I am very glad I worked with him."

- Tarek about Ricardo Joson

"Ayush puts in a lot of effort and is very helpful."

- Zereno about Ayush Kalani

"Chandra taught me to write good code and guided me to the best technology and techniques."

- Valerie about Chandra Sekhar Nayak

"Sandrina helps me a lot and inspires me so much! I pretty recommend you guys can find her as your mentor."

- David about Sandrina Pereira

"Bryan was great to work with!"

- Michelle about Bryan Tong

"Thanks Eric for your time, friendliness and insightful advice!"

- Marc about Eric Hamers

"He quickly understands where I am facing difficulties and comes up with solutions. He gives hints on how something can be solved, best practices, do's and don'ts. Would recommend to go with him for the mentorship. Thanks for everything!"

- Adithya about Tapas Adhikary

"Outstanding personality, great knowledge, much patience!"

- Piotr about Vipul Asri

"Jacob is really an expert and has given me many insights. That's exactly what I was looking for and I'm very satisfied."

- André

"Chris is awesome!!! He has a very friendly personality. He is able to answer all my questions and gives really valuable advice. If you are looking for a great mentor, stop looking! Choose Chris ! =)"

- Pavel about Chris Naismith

"Vipul is a very available mentor. He was very responsive to my requests and never hesitated to get involved by fixing some tricky coding stuff."

- Nawfal about Vipul Asri

"I had mentorship with Tolga for about 2 months and it was a great experience! Tolga is professional and knowledgeable. Always friendly and ready to answer any questions. Even when I didn't have questions he was very good with bringing up topics to work on or discuss. Highly recommended!"

- Allen

"Hugo is very knowledgable and solution-oriented, definitely suggested!"

- Stefano about Hugo Di Francesco

"Good Advice. She has been responsive & seems very interested in helping me. Overall very happy."

- SMG about Ramya Priya Guntipalli

"Ayush is a great mentor, I will be continuing working with him soon."

- Sagar about Ayush Jain

"Pleasant, cheerful, and knowledgeable. Definitely helped me sort my thoughts out, as far as to what I need to focus on."

- Warren about Shubham Goel

"Brilliant! Danielle gave great advice and was so easy to work with."

- Thomas about Danielle Simpson

"Awesome experience! Carlos has the greatest attention to detail, he understands all of my concerns and helped me focus on my developer career step by step. Thank you very much!"

- Rakel about Carlos David Loureda Parrado

"James is great! He is very helpful and provides great feedback."

- Zequan about James Ma

"I appreciate Yashish's mentorship and timely responses!"

- Vicky about Yashish Dua

"He has a great background as a developer, attention to detail and a vision of the whole picture. I am sure that with the help of Roman, I will be able to achieve my goals as soon as possible and become a professional developer. I highly recommend Roman as a mentor."

- Dipp about Roman Fayzullin

"Annie is an amazing mentor who gives me great advice enthusiastically. Her successful experience and wide knowledge in the field have improved my skills for career development."

- Izo

"Helped a ton in finding problems, customer interviews and launching my first idea. I'm gonna keep going this path and keep trying and launching new ideas. Thanks so much Alex."

- Dai about Alexander Sachs

"Very good at communication and guiding key concepts in React JS!"

- Samroon about Edward Murphy

"I am learning a lot everyday and have a clear vision of my goals. I have confidence that I will achieve them thanks to the discipline, dedication and patience I'm getting taught."

- Venkat about Adrianus Warmenhoven

"Alex is a great mentor, I feel that even just the couple of sessions we had provided me immense value. He came up with a number of tasks I should complete to get closer to my goals; tasks which he clearly explained and which were appropriate for the level of knowledge I had. The best part about the mentorship however was Alex's vast experience as a PM and the willingness to share it - learning from someone who has done what you want to do and who has battle-tested many different theories ultimately makes the most difference."

- Artur about Alex Mitchell

"Hui is a fantastic mentor. Very knowledgable and friendly, and she has already transformed the way I go about my machine learning projects. Could not recommend her enough!"

- Max about Hui Xiang Chua

"He was able to assist me in my current projects I am working on. He explained the answers to questions I had very well!"

- Nikko about Ricardo Joson

"Thank you for the time and help : )"

- Faycal about Simon Le Pine

"Gavin is so knowledgeable and patient!"

- David about Gavin Hackeling

"Chris was very helpful for when I needed React mentorship."

- Pat about Chris Naismith

"Ben was very friendly and helpful on the first call. He was very understanding of my current position."

- Yash about Benjamin Bell

"Boaz is a very responsible and knowledgeable instructor. Helped me in various parts of Java programming. His years of experience behind him say it all. Plus he can be funny and always replies to messages almost instantly. 10/10 would 'hire' him again :)"

- Stefan about Boaz Harel

"A very supportive mentor and usually goes out of his normal time to help and give pointers to look at and study."

- Raj about Keith Brewster

"Learned what I needed to know. Great positive guy!"

- Dante about Yashish Dua

"So helpful! She immediately gave me clear, actionable steps I could use to focus on the things in my career that are important."

- Camille about Bhumi S

"Amin has been very responsive, came up with a study plan very quickly, and has followed up consistently to gauge my progress and see if the plan needs tweaking or if I have questions they can answer. I am excited to continue mentorship with Amin!"

- Kyle about Amin Ghaderi

"Thanks for your help. I learned a lot about project management and the basics of React. Thanks again!"

- Mohamed about Phil Tietjen

"Danstan is a very good and engaged mentor with a great plan."

- Niall about Danstan Onyango

"Jessica is a brilliant mentor and motivator. She is a very knowledgable, approachable and uplifting individual who is a true leader in her field. Jessica has genuinely invested in my development, openly discussed experiences and provided valuable advice and support. Thanks to Jessica, I have expanded my marketing knowledge and have made a connection from within her network, where I am now a Marketing & Research Assistant! Thank you, Jessica, for positively influencing my personal and professional development and for being an exceptional mentor!"

- Gagan about Jessica Bordin

"He's given me great advice and helped clear up things I thought were difficult. Really appreciate everything he's done!"

- David about Tristan Pollock

"Excellent, could not be more helpful a top guy !"

- Thomas about Bibin Ponnachan

"The experience was amazing. Hui was a huge help and very knowledgeable."

- John about Hui Xiang Chua

"Bhumi is very patient and a great instructor."

- Mumtaz about Bhumi S

"James is a great mentor, very responsive, and always has insightful feedback to provide. Thanks to his answers and expertise I could accelerate my learning and develop great work methodologies. I highly recommend his services!"

- Clément about James Ma

"I got so lucky with this match! Trace went above and beyond to help me build a backend for my application. Reaching out to Trace was the best decision I've made in a long time. He helped me a lot with some of the details, but most importantly he was patient, understanding, and extremely easy to talk to. Something I can't say for many other people in the industry."

- Mark about Trace Ohrt

"Very helpful!"

- Dan about Matt Peterson

"Arvid is a fantastic mentor knowledgable across the entire startup lifespan. He really takes the time to understand your product and offer help and ideas where he can — all with great enthusiasm. Recommended!"

- Steve about Arvid Kahl

"Pooja is very organized and an excellent mentor. She is very friendly and understand Flutter and Dart very well. Anyone needing help with Flutter would be wise to add Pooja as a mentor."

- Mike about Pooja Bhaumik

"Phil is a great mentor. He has a lot of knowledge to share."

- Jay about Phil Tietjen

"Cassandra helped me a lot with my questions and provided me with the guidance I needed! It was very easy to communicate with her. Thanks a lot, Cassandra!"

- Pauline about Cassandra Cappello

"Ketan is highly knowledgeable in Python, Django, and PostgreSQL - he also has a gift for patiently explaining difficult-to-grok concepts in a simple way anyone can grasp. He cares about you internalizing the concept, not just writing the code. Highly recommended. Patient, supportive, and a true teacher."

- Aleks about Ketan Bhatt

"All thanks to Jordi I got my first job as a junior web app penetration tester!"

- Ryan about Jordi Scharloo

"Amin is professional and energetic mentor, he makes a very good and detailed study plan and keeps in touch with me very often. He spends a lot of time to understand my needs and gives me many useful information each time. Amin is a very good mentor."

- Xiang about Amin Ghaderi

"Vishwa gives the best lessons and my learning process advances with each session we have. I am so glad to have him as a mentor"

- Jeff about Vishwa Mohan

"Chris is great to work with -- he is knowledgeable and helpful with learning new things and with troubleshooting existing issues. I would definitely recommend working with him."

- Thacher about Chris Naismith

"He gave me a new perspective and mindset on how to think about problems, products, customers, features etc. It's actionable so I can go and try the approach immediately. Based on this first interaction I can already recommend Pablo 100%"

- Kai about Pablo Garcia

"Tristan is very knowledgeable and helpful. He checks in regularly. Highly recommended!"

- Gareth about Tristan Pollock

"Great mentor! Very helpful to work with!"

- Michelle about Mark Tellez

"I have been studying AI/ML (with a focus on entrepreneurial application) weekly with Raffaele. Raffaele is a very knowledgeable professional and a gifted teacher as well, I have always felt motivated and intellectually stimulated in each session. AI/ML is a vast subject and Raffaele has a gift of breaking the complexity down so I just have to focus on my study plan for the week given by him and I end up learning a lot and even enjoying my assignments. I would recommend Raffaele as a mentor to anyone who is serious about getting into the field."

- Svadera about Raffaele Miele

"Talking to Pablo was really useful. His guidance in the first call was enough for me to start working. I'll definitely get in touch with him again."

- Vicente about Pablo Garcia

"He's a really great guy with a lot of experience in the field and a good sense for explaining and transferring these guidance to someone else. He has experience with working with beginners in ML/DL/NLP, so he's more than capable to help anyone who just getting started. I'm satisfied by the knowledge he gives and I would recommend everyone to get mentored by him."

- Phong about Shaksham Kapoor

"Great mentor that has a lot of knowledge."

- Robert about Matt Peterson

"Eric is a great mentor. He really helped me walking the next step. I enjoyed all the tasks he set up for me and the quality feedback he constantly provided. Fully recommended!"

- Kai about Eric Jude

"Jordi is a fantastic mentor and extremely knowledgeable in the field of cybersecurity. Thanks largely in part to his mentorship, I was able to land my first job in cybersecurity!"

- Alex about Jordi Scharloo

"Hui is a fantastic, friendly and knowledgeable mentor that has dramatically boosted my confidence and skill level as a machine learning engineer in very little time. I could not recommend her enough!"

- Max about Hui Xiang Chua

"Evie has a very engaging way about herself that helps make the mentor/mentee relationship work very well. Her knowledge of the C# language and .Net environment was immediately evident as she and I went through a screen share review of my code. So glad I found her on this site and I would encourage anyone else looking for a positive mentor to contact Evie."

- Richard about Evie Skinner

"An excellent person. Blessed to have him as a mentor who helps me, talks to me and appreciates the pains that I had. The tasks that he gave me have really impacted my thought process. I thoroughly enjoy both his online sessions and discussions over chat. If you want a mentor who can change your life, go for Eric."

- Karthi about Eric Jude

"He is an excellent mentor, He always tries to clarify the doubts from basics which is exactly required for understanding the concepts. He helped not only clarifying in deep learning and machine learning doubts but also with my career decisions. He encouraged me so many times when I am deviating from my goal, I will always recommend him."

- Kali Prasad about Rachit Kumar Agrawal

"Stephen is very charismatic and hands-on. He explains concepts from the ground up and able to find interesting topics / projects throughout the relationship. Many thanks!"

- Matias about Stephen Gabriel

"I want to give my deep gratitude to Ricardo for mentoring me the last 3 months. It was very productive and challenging time for me. Ricardo was always available for the feedback and meetings, and pair programming sessions. He shared a lot of new ways how to gain new knowledge and skills with me, and some of them became a real game changers. I want to emphasise Ricardo's hands-on approach in teaching programming."

- Karzuan about Ricardo Joson

"Chris has been an excellent mentor in helping me advance my React skills. In just a few weeks, I feel a LOT more confident navigating the React world. If you're looking to up your JS and React skills, I couldn't recommend Chris more. Thanks Chris!!"

- Tom about Chris Naismith

"Markus gave some great ideas which helped me a lot."

- Aria about Markus Hinsche

"Avi was organized and provided some great resources and tips."

- Vis about Avi Das

"She was very accommodating and pleasant."

- Ethan about Archana Rao V

"It was great. Bhumi is a good communicator. She listened to me, acknowledged areas where we might not be a good fit, yet helped me with a work situation where she could. Good mentor"

- Salman about Bhumi S

"Eric will push you to take the risk that you were always hesitating for and he will stand behind you to make sure that you don't fall."

- Karthi about Eric Jude

"Great mentor, was pleasure to work with."

- Maxim about Rúben Paixão

"It’s a great pleasure to have such a mentor as Laurin! He helped me with my development career planning as well as with current job challenges. He is supportive and gives honest, actionable and expert feedback."

- Anna about Laurin Lukas Stahl

"I count myself as one of the lucky few to have learned from Jon. He's an exceptional mentor who truly believes in his mentees and goes the extra mile to ensure their success."

- Michaela about Jonathan Lee

"Great Guy!"

- Nick about Yashish Dua

"Kerem is awesome!"

- Anid

"I was never practicing work with a mentor by my side before I found Gavin on this site. It is really interesting experience, I'm sure a lot of people will do a great projects with Gavin's advices and support. Of course, the weekly call is probably the best part of such cooperation, however regular questions in google docs are also very helpful."

- Nikita about Gavin Hackeling

"Very happy to meet you Damilola, thank you so much for everything!"

- Faycal about Damilola Oduronbi

"I can definitely say that Diana is the type of mentor you want to keep for longterm, if you are looking for someone to guide you through the coding world, because coding can be a long and lonely process. She immediately identified my goals in conjunction with strategizing a learning path so that I could aim to accomplish my mission. She's a keeper!"

- Jerrica about Diana Lee

"I reached my first two paying users just recently after a doing a few more adjustments on the idea you recommended! Thank you so much!"

- Steven about Danielle Simpson

"I had an amazing mentorship experience with Shawn. I appreciated how he connected the dots between business and design."

- Neda about Shawn Lee

"Thank you so much for the assistance Gustav. Looking forward to speaking more - keep up the good work! You have inspired me a lot."

- Andrews about Gustav Nyman

"I can definitely say that Diana is the type of mentor you want to keep for longterm, if you are looking for someone to guide you through the coding world, because coding can be a long and lonely process. She immediately identified my goals in conjunction with strategizing a learning path so that I could aim to accomplish my mission. She's a keeper!"

- Jerrica about Diana Lee

"Very proactive mentor and nice person to depend upon."

- Sujit about James Ma


- Thomas

"Chris was very helpful and answered all of my questions and inquiries. I really appreciate his knowledge and experience. He was great in sharing course and community resources as well. Totally great support from Chris!"

- Eileen about Chris Naismith

"Such a great mentor, amazing experience! Thank you!"

- Luis about Bhumi S

"Shawn has passed on his amazing insights and wisdom to me when it comes to business and product design. He is a dedicated product designer with a rock-solid work ethic!"

- Neda about Shawn Lee

"He is very calm and patient. He is punctual and does not waste time to get to the point. He also gave me a career advice that I am hoping to apply to embark on a rewarding path."

- Ben about Ayush Jain

"Great guy! Great experience!"

- Joshua about Bryan Tong

"James is a great mentor!"

- Vahuja about James Ma

"Chris has been great! He has been very responsive to my questions and has given me suggestions to help me move my development skills forward."

- JV about Chris Naismith

"He is an amazing mentor who is patient and adapts to students' needs. I am really learning lots from the mentorship!"

- Shiv about Raffaele Miele

"Carlos has been an awesome instructor and mentor. He has helped me reach all my goals and continue my career."

- Rakel about Carlos David Loureda Parrado

"Excellent mentor!"

- Pablo about Bryan Tong

"Diana was great, we worked on design projects, and she improved my design skills from a basic level. She was helpful and nice to talk to and always very encouraging. A great mentor."

- Matthew about Diana Lee

"Really great personality. Very professional. Always ready to support."

- Piotr about Vipul Asri

"Excellent, I highly recommend Pankaj!"

- Mack about Pankaj Kumar Singh

"Ketan is my go-to when it comes to anything programming related. He's punctual, polite, and best of all extremely brilliant. Thanks Ketan and look forward to many more projects."

- Rob about Ketan Bhatt

"Jonathan helped me get through many insights and see things in a new perspective."

- Malineni about Jonathan Lee

"James is doing a great job, and he exceeds my expectations. Always available and super helpful."

- Nikolai about James Ma

"Raffaele is not only a talented Data Scientist; he is a great teacher. He has a very clear understanding and vision of the most important areas to focus on. This guidance helped me to become much more efficient in selecting the right technical skills and projects to focus on. I would highly recommend a mentorship with Raffaele for anyone interested in Data Science and Machine Learning."

- Jonathan about Raffaele Miele

"Experience, app and everything was great!"

- Johnny about Aayush Arora

"I am very pleased with the support provided by Jatin for our Data Science Project. The project is still in progress and Jatin's support has been very crucial for us."

- Madhavan about Jatin Ahuja

"It has been a great experience talking to Neal and receiving his feedback. He know what he's talking about and I will be glad to come back to him once I've worked on some on some fundamental knowledge – so I can make use of his full expertise."

- Kosti about Neal Fultz

"Daniel is incredibly knowledgeable and a great teacher to work with."

- Kevin about Daniel Suess

"This is the best decision I made in 2020. Having Raounak as a mentor jump-started my learning. He picked me up when I am on the verge of giving up, by breaking things down into small chunks and giving real-life examples to solidify my understanding. He is a good mentor but a better person. If you are looking for a rails mentor, you can't go wrong with him."

- Myth about Raounak Sharma

"Annie has been a fantastic mentor and helped me come a long way. When I first signed up, I was just starting to learn JS. Annie guided me through many beginner problem sets and helped me learn JS fundamentals and beyond. I'm just starting to learn React now and I'm excited to learn alongside Annie's guidance."

- Ariel

"Neal is a great expert in Data Science topics, he has a deep knowledge and experience in the programming and statistics, so surely I would recommend him to all data and analytics beginners."

- Mentee about Neal Fultz

"Alex is a fantastic mentor and I definitely recommend him to any Product manager or aspiring PMs. Alex worked with me on my resume since I wasn't getting any callbacks. The results were almost instantaneous as I got my 1st callback from a recruiter after only 2 hours of applying with the resume he helped me with. I can't recommend Alex enough."

- Arab about Alex Mitchell

"Eric was able to connect my problems immediately and was able to give me pointers. An amazing person to work with."

- Karthi about Eric Crawford

"I will highly recommend Aiden to others seeking a data science mentor."

- Weldon about Aiden Johnson

"Chris has been a very helpful mentor and is a knowledgeable JavaScript developer. My 1-to-1's with him have been greatly beneficial to my learning."

- Luke about Chris Naismith

"Very responsive and able to provide the right feedback at the right moment."

- Ty about Wayne Hoover

"He is an expert in the field with clear and relevant explanations that will help you through your problems. Highly recommended!"

- Kau about Deepanshu Setia

"Archana was great, she provided me with lots of materials and followed up very often."

- Elona about Archana Rao V

"Stephen was a great listener and was prompt to answer my questions. I was able to complete my short-term career goal and was extended by my client."

- Pursley about Stephen Gabriel

"Tapas is an excellent mentor! He helps me a lot. He helped me many times to solve problems when I was stuck, and suggested more effective ways of doing things. I am learning a lot from him! He seems engaged and willing to devote his time to help me! He knows a lot. I surely recommend him!"

- Thomas about Tapas Adhikary

"He helped me pass my Amazon TPM phone interview!"

- Kelsey about Sagnik Dey

"Ivan has been incredible with probing questions, offering advice for strategy and goals, and providing feedback. I'm navigating some unknown territory and so his mentoring is proving vital to my growth."

- Jert

"Mark is awesome. He's insightful, smart, and caring. Would recommend him to anyone."

- DJ about Mark van der Velden

"I am having a great experience with Samuel as my mentor for the past couple of months. He has a terrific attitude - his commitment to us is unquestionable. He brings along a ton of work experience and real-world problem solving skills, which is really helpful to the people wishing to learn from him."

- Venky about Samuel Rafini

"My experience was outstanding. Cole helped me a great deal with my resume and gave plenty of great advice. Would definitely consult with him again."

- Austin about Cole Turner

"Christian is a wonderful mentor. Every minute spent with him has been helpful in honing my career. Thank you very much!"

- Bryan about Christian Monson

"Nikola is very knowledgable in the field of NLP."

- Vahuja about Nikola Nikolov

"If I could, I'd give Jordi 10*. Jordi's mentorship is world class. Our time has made me become a pro as a blue teamer. If you don't know what to do yet and you want to get into infosec, then Jordi is the right mentor for you."

- William about Jordi Scharloo

"Vishwa is the best mentor I have ever encountered in the software engineering field. He taught me how to improve my skills step by step and whenever I have doubts, he will explain it in detail, so I can easily understand. I'm glad that I met Vishwa, the mentor who unleashes my full potential."

- Max about Vishwa Mohan

"Thank you MentorCruise for helping us connect with such qualified individuals. Vishwa helped setup a roadmap and I could achieve it by setting smaller goals."

- Rosh about Vishwa Mohan

"Christian, is very knowledgable about the field of ML. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to make progress in this field."

- Vahuja about Christian Monson

"Avi was really helpful as my mentor. He provided actionable advice and was always available and able to answer my questions as needed. He also provided a way to track our progress and stay on top of the action items we discussed via a shared document where I could still look back at the details of our conversations."

- Jamie about Avi Das

"Nata is very knowledgable. Besides guiding me with my work on the portfolio, she sends articles and videos to improve my knowledge. She responds on my questions in a timely manner. I'm very happy with her mentoring."

- Kasia about Nata Pylypchuk

"Eric has been great for helping me find direction and staying on the right path during entrepreneurship. We've also worked on personal development and discussed spirituality. It's all about creating balance in life and Eric always shares a wonderful perspective on this."

- Gavin about Eric Jude

"I had a great experience with Jane! She is very knowledgable and experienced. It was very easy to communicate with her, she gave me a lot of useful insight and provided me with needed support! Thanks a lot, Jane! Very glad that I found you."

- Pauline about Jane Ugrinovskiy

"Raffaele is a very experienced and knowledgeable professional, who is very eager to share his knowledge and upgrade his mentee's skills."

- Dorde about Raffaele Miele

"Holly gave excellent mentorship when I had troubles choosing a path in my tech career. Thank you Holly for your advice and help!"

- Kimmy about Holly Boothroyd

"Really great and very consistent with his high standard of mentoring."

- Dave about Mohit Sharma

"Good mentor! He is knowledgeable and I believe he can help take anyone to the next level."

- Shabazz

"The best mentor I have ever had!"

- Dany about Desiré Marrón

"Great experience, through a sample project I learned a lot and lost the fear of learning new technologies. He will push your limits!"

- Kali Prasad about Deepanshu Setia

"Jatto is great! Super nice and knowledgeable."

- Talvear about Abdulqahhar Aminujatto

"The call with Anna was nice and she asked good questions. I got some actionable ideas from her."

- Kai about Anna Dzhilevych

"He is a really good mentor. He explains concepts in good detail. I will keep learning from him in the future!"

- Max about Yashish Dua

"Nata is an amazing mentor! I learned so much from her. She provided invaluable feedback regarding my projects and answered all my questions. I would recommend Nata to anyone who is looking for a professional, knowledgeable and reliable mentor!"

- Neda about Nata Pylypchuk

"Rebecca is a very good mentor, thank you!"

- Youcef about Rebecca Liu

"Kerem has provided very useful advice on how to improve and showcase my skills. I look forward to finishing my tasks and continue working with Kerem."

- Lizette

"Nick provides useful feedbacks about my design career and mindset growth. I really thank you for the suggestions about my resume and portfolio in order to improve the user experience."

- Jay about Nick Hoh

"Felix is a great mentor, with years of experience in the marketing industry he knows exactly what hiring managers/recruiters are looking for and he is able to pinpoint any problems you might have. Really easy to talk to, a very good listener and gives great advice. Cheers Felix!"

- Walter about Felix Huang

"Jatto is clear and concise in his guidance, and he strives to be always prompt to respond to my requests. Overall, I totally recommend him as a great person, developer and mentor!"

- Raz about Abdulqahhar Aminujatto

"Good communication 👍🏾"

- Bradley about Riccardo Giorato

"Chris is very knowledgeable and generous. He listened to my objectives and has given me a path to follow. He also supports me with very helpful one to one sessions and helps unblock me if I get stuck on a concept. I highly recommend Chris as a developer's mentor."

- Luke about Chris Naismith

"I am very happy with my mentorship with Raffaele. He is professional, punctual and knows his material very well."

- Jacob about Raffaele Miele

"The mentor was really helpful and professional."

- Lines about Damilola Oduronbi

"Greg is an exceptional mentor who will explain things in depth and provide professional quality instruction and explanations in code reviews and in answering any potential questions. He was always easy to approach and extremely in-depth with his explanations of programming concepts whilst still being able to explain clearly and concisely to a layman like me. I recommend Greg to the highest degree and thank him for his time."

- Corey about Greg Mitten

"Very helpful and went the extra mile to help a beginner like me."

- Domino about Abdulqahhar Aminujatto

"I think Alex is not only a fantastic human and mentor, but also a natural-born leader as well! I've found him to be a wealth of knowledge and down to earth. He has been nothing but supportive, understanding, and nonjudgmental."

- Katrina about Alex Lenart

"Really knowledgable and friendly dev. Would recommend him to any beginner or intermediate frontend programmer."

- Luke about Chris Naismith

"Really helped me figure some stuff out!"

- Jonathan about Bryan Tong

"Thanks Sammy for your time, friendliness and insightful advice!"

- Marc about Sammy Dolgin

"Bhumi does a very good job of explaining complex topics in a simple and comprehensive way"

- Nikolai about Bhumi S

"Such a great mentor!!"

- Oscar about Trace Ohrt

"Monika is really kind and helpful – but what's the most important she is an experienced programmer and knows current technologies. Feedback for my tasks is always in 1 or max 2 days. I feel like she is very dedicated. Perfect mentor :)"

- Asia about Monika Perwejnis

"Adam was always helpful and willing to answer any questions I had about the project we worked on. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a data science/machine learning mentor."

- Devin about Adam Green

"Alex helped me set focus and intention in my goal of scaling my independent projects. Before working with Alex, I felt like I was jumping from idea to idea with no plan. During our session he provided clear action items which I enjoyed completing. Each week we reviewed the progress and established new items to iterate towards my goal. I am very thankful for my mentoring sessions with Alex."

- Marty about Alex Mitchell

"If you are struggling with computer science basics and want to score your dream job in tech, I strongly recommend Vishwa. His teaching strategies, notes, his conceptual understanding of basic computer science subjects like data structures, databases and distributed computing is phenomenal. If you are struggling with any of the interviews like problem solving or system design he is the one-stop solution for all."

- Sidhant about Vishwa Mohan

"Sharath was really open, kind, generous and candid about his experiences ! Really enjoyed interacting with him and feel excited about moving ahead :)"

- Sri about Sharath K. Dhamodaran