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"In just a few weeks, I feel a LOT more confident navigating the React world. Chris has been an excellent mentor."

Tom Ray
- Tom Ray

“My main goal was to get the guidance and learn from another experienced specialist. I’m keen to grow as fast as I can in my career and it’s great to have such platform like MentorCruise to help you.”

"I reached my goal very quickly – a lot quicker than I had expected. I owe a tremendous amount of credit to Jordi for challenging me, providing support, his positivity and accessibility."

“My mentor was the game-changer for me. When I started, I was like a fish out of water. It’s very difficult and inefficient to try and reinvent the wheel all by yourself.”

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Mentees reach their goals on average in about 3 months, with the right mentor. Their comments speak for themselves.

"It's very good and professional."

- Xiang about Sharath K. Dhamodaran

"Pablo is an amazing mentor. I have connected with him twice so far and in these meetings he has provided invaluable resources, guidance, and tips that I am able leverage and apply right away. I am so grateful to MentorCruise for this service and really fortunate to have connected with Pablo, thank you!"

- Aishwarya about Pablo Garcia

"Alex is a great mentor and he helped me prepare for my PM interviews and the results were great!"

- Amer about Alex Mitchell

"Very good and helpful mentor."

- Dmitry about Udara Weerasinghege

"The call with Anna was nice and she asked good questions. I got some actionable ideas from her and now I have to work on it. I need more time to give a detailed feedback."

- Kai about Anna Dzhilevych

"Awesome. Andrew is very knowledge and transparent. I walked away with tons of food for thought after our first meeting. I now feel more confident planning my next steps. Thank you!"

- A about Andrew Aquino

"Naz has been great! She gives me as much material as I can take, and has all the resources you could want when it comes to front end engineering. She has the knowledge to guide you in the right direction, and I couldn't be happier!"

- Bryan about Naz Delam

"Helped a ton in finding problems, customer interviews and launching my first idea. I'm gonna keep going this path and keep trying and launching new ideas. Thanks so much Alex."

- Dai about Alexander Sachs

"Jake is a very good mentor, I would say the best of all I've been studying with before. With him I'm moving much more faster in understanding JS, React, Redux. I feel becoming more confident day by day. I would highly recommend Jake."

- Natalia about Jake Sta Teresa

"Vishwa gives the best lessons and my learning process advances with each session we have. I am so glad to have him as a mentor"

- Jeff about Vishwa Mohan

"Talking to Pablo was really useful. His guidance in the first call was enough for me to start working. I'll definitely get in touch with him again."

- Vicente about Pablo Garcia

"I came to Colleen with a wide range of interests and not a whole lot of direction on where to go next. Immediately (without a ton of intake) she helped me narrow down my options, design a path, and take clear next steps on it. At the same time, she’s helping me feel more confident in how I tell my story both through actionable feedback on my resume and invaluable interview prep. To top it off, Colleen’s really real—she’ll tell you the honest truth, which may surprise you, but that’s when you know you’re in the right place. I always leave my sessions with Colleen feeling invigorated, clear, and confident in taking another step on my path. "

- Robyn about Colleen Graneto

"I couldn’t be happier with the quality of mentorship I received from Colleen. She is a true product management guru and the advice received was always well-considered and constructive, and as such I found it incredibly helpful. What's more I really enjoyed our calls and always felt energised after them."

- Artem about Colleen Graneto

"Eric is amazing! He is well versed, professional, and normal. We hit it off! Thanks!"

- Paulina about Eric Crawford

"He helped me pass my Amazon TPM phone interview!"

- Kelsey about Sagnik Dey

"Deepanshu is very supportive and always pushes me towards the right direction."

- Akarapat about Deepanshu Setia

"Good chat"

- Marvin about Salman Malik

"Jake is amazing. I was able to find a new job very soon with his help. Thanks Jake!"

- Kristina about Jake Sta Teresa

" I worked with Esin over a number of months and she was great assistance in helping me transition from Project management into Product. She is insightful, personable and is very responsive and I learned a lot during our 4 months. I would recommend her without hesitation and hope to work together in future!"

- Odhran about Esin Over

"All my interactions with the mentor have been great so far. I've been following their advice for my product management journey and it has helped me focus on the fundamentals required to land my first job :)"

- Tejas about Pablo Garcia

"Excellent, could not be more helpful a top guy !"

- Thomas about Bibin Ponnachan

"Neal is a great expert in Data Science topics, he has a deep knowledge and experience in the programming and statistics, so surely I would recommend him to all data and analytics beginners."

- Mentee about Neal Fultz

"Lars has been extremely helpful as I've navigated my transition from academia to industry. He has helped me with my side project to build my skills as well as different parts of my interview."

- Zarrar

"Bhumi is very patient and a great instructor."

- Mumtaz about Bhumi S

"Raounak is hands down the best mentor I’ve had. He is very invested in my progress, checking in on me, sitting with me for long periods to review difficult topics, and helping me understand many aspects of coding. He’s genuinely invested in helping me learn and I’m so lucky to have found him. There are not many mentors like Raounak out there. Not only is he very knowledgable but he’s also proactive, clear, and patient. He goes above and beyond - best decision of 2021!"

- Gunel about Raounak Sharma

"She's a very dedicated and understanding mentor. She will give you precisely what you need and sometimes extra information too."

- SuSin about Priyanka Gyawali

"He is an amazing mentor who is patient and adapts to students' needs. I am really learning lots from the mentorship!"

- Shiv about Raffaele Miele

"Nick helps me with portfolio reviews and resume feedbacks so I am able to become a better designer. I appreciate that Nick spending time with me. I highly recommend Nick to be your mentor :)"

- Jay about Nick Hoh

"Very helpful, I didn't follow a specific path but rather needed some sporadic help which Jordi always provided. Would definitely recommend. "

- Katarzyna about Jordi Scharloo

"Jordi was absolutely awesome and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend his mentoring services."

- Adrian about Jordi Scharloo

"Varun is a great mentor and has no qualms in rolling up his sleeve in helping me anytime. He explains very clearly with an example when ever it is necessary."

- Priya about Varun G

"Claus was great for helping kickstart my journey into digital marketing. "

- Julia about Claus Lauter


- Filip about Felix Kleine Bösing

"I got so lucky with this match! Trace went above and beyond to help me build a backend for my application. Reaching out to Trace was the best decision I've made in a long time. He helped me a lot with some of the details, but most importantly he was patient, understanding, and extremely easy to talk to. Something I can't say for many other people in the industry."

- Mark about Trace Ohrt

"Farzad is an excellent mentor, teacher, and overall great human! He guides you to understanding rather than just providing the answers. Farzad is patient, friendly, and I would highly recommend hiring him as your mentor."

- Olivia about Farzad YousefZadeh

"It was good, challenging, learned new things."

- Greg about Monika Perwejnis

"It was going great, she has helped me figure out not just my career path but also understand how to approach my new role"

- Anshul about Tolulope Ayeni

"I can't be more grateful to Diana, she has provided me with countless resources and has inspired me a lot."

- Sol

"Eric will push you to take the risk that you were always hesitating for and he will stand behind you to make sure that you don't fall."

- Karthi about Eric Jude

"Jatto is great! Super nice and knowledgeable."

- Talvear about Abdulqahhar Aminujatto

"Mike is an excellent tutor with a broad working experience and a great willing to help as much as he can! He really loves his role and is enthusiastic about it! "

- Thomas about Mike Poole

"Jordi is a great mentor. Patient and very knowledgeable."

- Viri about Jordi Scharloo

"Laurin is a great mentor! He has an impressive flow of thoughts that makes one think outside of the box. He is very attentive to details and puts effort into understanding your background and customizes his knowledge to your needs."

- Omar about Laurin Lukas Stahl

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Priyanka to achieve my goals. Her goal-oriented mentoring helped me to stay on track. She made me realize how vague my goals were, and inspired me to create more actionable and deadline-based goals. She constantly gave crucial insights on how to build a good career. For instance, she explained the importance of having great connections in professional circle for better job opportunities. Apart from being an inspiring leader, she is a wonderful person who always wants the best for everyone around her."

- Shubham about Priyanka Gyawali

"Great. Professional advice and guidance."

- Rasheed about Aliyu Alege

"Amazing mentor. Very knowledgeable and helpful."

- Daniel about Stephen Gabriel

"He is a very good and understanding guy. He has devoted a lot of time on me."

- Gaurav about Salman Malik

"My mentorship with Jake continues to be a wonderful journey. I've been making strides all along, and the last month has been quite transformative. For the first time, I made an application without relying on tutorials. I look forward to achieving further milestones in the months ahead. As always, Jake is not just a mentor but a partner in success. He's always there to help in all kinds of ways. I'm truly grateful!"

- Mustafa about Jake Sta Teresa

"I can't be more grateful to Diana, she has provided me with countless resources and has inspired me a lot. "

- Sol

"Karyn was lovely to work with! She did an excellent job at trying to understand where we are coming from, and neccessary steps to move further. Helped to understand SEO Strategy a bit more. Hope to work again with her in the future. All the best!"

- Sefer about Karyn Corrigan

"Jess was absolutely amazing as a mentor! Would hire again for future career coaching. "

- Angela about Jess Phoa

"Wonderful mentor! very knowledgeable and kind. Excellent at explaining topics. "

- carla about Yashish Dua

"Niharika is a very pleasant and great mentor. Her approach is very direct and provides solid guidance. Would definitely recommend it."

- Peter about Niharika Arora

"Amin has been very responsive, came up with a study plan very quickly, and has followed up consistently to gauge my progress and see if the plan needs tweaking or if I have questions they can answer. I am excited to continue mentorship with Amin!"

- Kyle about Amin Ghaderi

"Mark is a fantastic mentor. He's knowledgable, practical and so eager to help. I look forward to working with him more to help my business take off! "

- Danielle about Mark Kleyner

"Erik was helpful and suggested some very good resources to further my learning path. 👍"

- Oana about Erik Hanchett

"Great mentor that has a lot of knowledge."

- Robert

"Angelo had helped me in backing my confidence and showing the way to achieve my goal with clear instructions. His feedback played a crucial role in me securing a job. Will highly recommend him."

- Vasantha Kumar about Evangelos Tzimopoulos

"Dylan was a great mentor. He is the main reason I got the job. He had one simple tip which I won't reveal and that's what got me the job. Awesome guy. "

- Andrej about Dylan Israel

"Jeff has a great deal of experience and has provided me with some great advice regarding practical approaches to customer development and business development. His advice has saved me tons of time. Kudos for that!"

- Alex about Jeff Solomon

"The best mentor i've had in my entire professional career."

- Bart about Renato Mefi

"great mentor with a high level of knowledges"

- Igors about Dylan Israel

"He is helped me to realize the important aspects to think about a product and the customers. I got stuck on something for a while and I couldn't find what it is. After completing a session with this mentor, I found the roadblock. Thanks for the great session."

- Sampathkumar about Gautam Kumar

"Great, he helped me navigate the uncertainty which came with building an MVP. Helping create clear next steps to execute."

- Anonymous about Morgan Young

"Nilesh is very great at communicating hard concepts in simple terms, really a great experience!"

- mohammed about Nilesh Arnaiya

"A very supportive mentor and usually goes out of his normal time to help and give pointers to look at and study."

- Raj about Keith Brewster

"Ayush puts in a lot of effort and is very helpful."

- Zereno about Ayush Kalani

"Chris is awesome!!! He has a very friendly personality. He is able to answer all my questions and gives really valuable advice. If you are looking for a great mentor, stop looking! Choose Chris ! =)"

- Pavel about Chris Naismith

"Ayush is knowledgable in his subject, and gives good feedback for difficult questions. He has given me balanced guidance in deciding several topics for my next company's development in practices. He also took the time to put together code to demonstrate to me good practices in the coding for ml projects. "

- Duncan about Ayush Jain

"He is an excellent mentor, He always tries to clarify the doubts from basics which is exactly required for understanding the concepts. He helped not only clarifying in deep learning and machine learning doubts but also with my career decisions. He encouraged me so many times when I am deviating from my goal, I will always recommend him."

- Kali Prasad about Rachit Kumar Agrawal

"Probably the most knowledgable person in AWS, DevOps and infrastructure you're ever going to meet. You should definitely give him a call. He is super kind, understanding and willing to work with you where you are. "

- Peyton about Yashish Dua

"Chelsie is knowledgeable in all areas of product management and a great mentor. I really enjoyed my sessions with her and found them helpful. "

- Ellen about Chelsie-Jean Fernandez

"Alexander is a great person to speak with. Very educated in all things tech and has a great understanding of building products. Highly recommend to anyone interested! "

- Alex about Alexander Sachs

"Social accounts setup, job hunting. Easier with a Mentor."

- Vitali about Anand Safi

"An excellent person. Blessed to have him as a mentor who helps me, talks to me and appreciates the pains that I had. The tasks that he gave me have really impacted my thought process. I thoroughly enjoy both his online sessions and discussions over chat. If you want a mentor who can change your life, go for Eric."

- Karthi about Eric Jude

"Kelman's really great at analytics and sql, anyone that gets mentorship from Kelman will learn a lot, I know I did!"

- Js about Kelman Chiang

"Good mentor, have good knowledge of data science and process around it."

- Girish about Nawaz Ullah

"Phil is a great mentor. He has a lot of knowledge to share."

- Jay about Phil Tietjen

"thanks for your time and effort"

- Marco about Kartik Arora

"Good Introductory call-looking forward to working with Audax "

- YVELANDE about Audax Anchirinah

"Really great and very consistent with his high standard of mentoring."

- Dave about Mohit Sharma

"Extremely helpful and provided good resources and information on the interview process."

- Roshan about The Dung An

"It was great, thanks a ton! "

- Daria about Divyanshu Rawat

"Extremely helpful and provided good resources and information on the interview process."

- Roshan about The Dung An

"My experience was outstanding. Cole helped me a great deal with my resume and gave plenty of great advice. Would definitely consult with him again."

- Austin about Cole Turner

"I've been working with Jacy on an ongoing basis to support the development of my app. He has been very instrumental in helping me solve React issues by providing guidance via chat and offering debugging assistance during our calls. When he's unable to help with an issue, he's upfront about it and promptly points me in the right direction."

- Moustapha about Jacy Clare

"Excellent mentor. Broke down my portfolio and case studies with ease. Helped me take my existing work and transform it into what tech hiring managers are really looking forward. Landed a Sr. level role with the top cybersecurity company in the world. "

- Cameron about Andrew Aquino

"Great mentor! Very helpful to work with!"

- Michelle about Mark Tellez

"Great guy!"

- Chris about Sumit Pahwa

"Jenkin is a wonderful person who has thoroughly taught me how to think about my business and structure my ideas and concepts. He is patient and understanding with explaining how to go about improving my business without necessarily spoon-feeding information. His ability to guide by letting me formulate my own plans has helped me feel independent and encouraged to keep using these methods to further not only my business but other aspects of life such as daily routine."

- Alexa about Jenkin Au

"Fantastic, great for putting your career goals into perspective and providing good advice and negotiation strategy."

- Warren about Dylan Israel

"Yet one more week with an awesome mentor!"

- Vitali about Anand Safi

"Thanks Eric for your time, friendliness and insightful advices !"

- Marc about Eric Hamers

"Colleen is a very experienced product leader who helped me a lot with every challenge I faced in my career as a PM. "

- Amer about Colleen Graneto

"Vijay is very talented and a great mentor. He has a lot of experience in the tech industry, and will guide you with industry best practices. I recommend this mentor."

- Taha about Vijay Rangan

"Ayush is a great mentor, I will be continuing working with him soon."

- Sagar about Ayush Jain

"Rebecca is a very good mentor, thank you"

- Youcef Anis about Rebecca Liu

"Responsive, knowledgeable, and easy going. Callan has a great understanding of a wide range of design practices and how they work together. After a few months of mentorship I feel like I have a solid foundation in the basics of front end web design, graphic design, and 3D modeling, which is far better than I would have done on my own watching tutorials! "

- Brian about Callan Richardson

"Archana was great, she provided me with lots of materials and followed up very often."

- Elona about Archana Rao V

"Monika is really kind and helpful but what's the most important she is an experienced programmer and knows current technologies. Feedback for my tasks is always in 1 or max 2 days. I feel like she is very dedicated. Perfect mentor :)"

- Joanna about Monika Perwejnis

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