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"In just a few weeks, I feel a LOT more confident navigating the React world. Chris has been an excellent mentor."

Tom Ray
- Tom Ray

“My main goal was to get the guidance and learn from another experienced specialist. I’m keen to grow as fast as I can in my career and it’s great to have such platform like MentorCruise to help you.”

"I reached my goal very quickly – a lot quicker than I had expected. I owe a tremendous amount of credit to Jordi for challenging me, providing support, his positivity and accessibility."

“My mentor was the game-changer for me. When I started, I was like a fish out of water. It’s very difficult and inefficient to try and reinvent the wheel all by yourself.”

“Between now and 6 months ago, I feel like I improved as an engineer. Looking back, I took a huge step, beyond my expectations”

“MentorCruise changed my life. Having a mentor at my disposal for the fraction of the cost of a bootcamp during a global pandemic was a game changer.“

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Mentees reach their goals on average in about 3 months. Their comments speak for themselves.

"Andrew has been a fantastic mentor. He preps for our calls and sends through links with information on the topics we covered during the call. He responds within 24hrs and puts a lot of effort into answering questions. He is extremely knowledgeable on software engineering topics."

- Ian about Andrew Nester

"Akarsha is a knowledgeable and helpful mentor."

- Andreas about Akarsha Sehwag

"Essa is an outstanding mentor who addresses underlying problems instead of just their symptoms. With his guidance, I made significant changes to my lifestyle, which gave me a healthier outlook on starting my own business. If you're feeling stuck in either your personal or professional life, Essa can help bring balance to both areas and enhance your overall quality of life. I highly recommend choosing Essa to guide you on your self-improvement journey."

- Eimantas about Essa Saulat

"Gaurav explained, what i need to know for my career advancement, and made a training plan according to that. I find the weekly sessions very informative and to the point."

- Makkena about Gaurav Verma

"Julien is a great mentor. Patient and engaged throughout our sessions and able to offer practical suggestions to to elevate my CV and LinkedIn profiles to the UX research audience. Highly recommend "

- James about Julien Leforestier

"Phong gave me good tips for improving my resume and linkedin and also some great resources in preparing for technical interview questions. "

- Navdeep about Phong Huynh

"Alex is an excellent mentor with exceptional knowledge. In addition to his technical skills, he is very friendly and helpful. Thanks again for all your help, Alex."

- Marcin about Alex Rohleder

"Divyanshu has been great helping me not only understand how to fix things with my code but also the process of working through a problem and continuously improving and optimizing a project. It's been a great experience so far."

- McKinley about Divyanshu Rawat

"Scott is a great mentor. Helped me with really punctual tips and tricks, but more importantly with great and actionable career advice."

- Izaias about Scott Gay

"Great experience, pursuing data analytics now."

- Ty about Eric Hamers

"Faizal is a great mentor"

- salwa about Faizal Patel

"Chelsie-Jean is a very caring mentor and she has been very helpful in providing tips and guidance regarding project and product management job profiles. I enjoy working with Chelsie-Jean and would recommend anyone looking for guidance in these areas."

- John about Chelsie-Jean Fernandez

"Sara is very insightful, she helped me a lot with getting my thoughts together and suggesting me paths to keep moving forward. I am very happy with my experience with her as a mentor!"

- FELIPE about Sara Malvar

"Chris is a great mentor and I find his sessions very valuable and insightful. What I like the most is that at the end of each session I walk away with actionable insights which I can start implementing. I would highly recommend his coaching. "

- kaumudi about Chris Nicol

"Rob is a real quality mentor. He knows how to share his great knowledge even with a beginner such as myself. He knows how to encourage as a teacher and has rather interesting way of teaching by giving riddles in "Mr Miyagi" style. Also what's very valuable in my opinion, is the fact, that I'm being taught how to think like a senior professional from the get go. I really would like to thank Mr Rob, for his patience and overall openness he has during our sessions. I know for sure, that what I'm learning here, will be of great benefit to me in future."

- Peter about Rob Hitchens

"Earl helped me navigate the interview process while looking for a new design leadership position, set me up for success in my role as Principal Product Designer at a startup, and continues to light the path for me any time I have a question, or could use some guidance from his years of experience. It is always a joy to talk with him and I am impressed at how he can manage to be so helpful to so many people, with effortless poise, positivity and clarity. Earl is an inspiration, continues to be an amazing resource for my design development, and I recommend investing in mentorship with Earl whole heartedly!!! Lots of gratitude :D"

- Emily about Earl Friedberg

"He is a great mentor! I have learned a lot through his teachings, and he makes learning new programming languages easy! I am learning PHP and GIT as well as reviewing SQL Javascript and HTML, and he is doing an awesome job of teaching!"

- Luke about Ahmed Sadman Muhib

"always makes time for me and has great personalised advise. a great asset to my journey through Founder and CTO"

- Sam about Jason De Oliveira

"Probably the best mentor on the platform if you want to do programming! Highly recommend. Vishwa's approach is that he will actually go through each step and will make sure that you learn what you need."

- Aleksei about Vishwa Mohan

"Jake is a very good mentor, he has been helping me with coding during almost 6 months or so and the result is amazing, I've got my first IT job! "

- Natalia about Jake Sta Teresa

"Vishwa has the best lessons, and my learning process advances with each course given. I glad to have him as a mentor"

- Jeffrey about Vishwa Mohan

"I was a bit lost in my self-learning process, so this was the perfect moment to start getting experienced professional feedback and inputs on my journey. Mladen is very knowledgeable, communicative, involved and flexible. He's not only helping me get to the next level with my front-end and interview skills, but he also provides me of valuable career advice. I'm confident we will be able to reach the goals we've set!"

- Juliana about Mladen Ruzicic

"Semir is amazing! He has great ideas and experience and very helpful"

- Saket about Semir Jahic

"Dylan is a great mentor, he was supportive, helpful and most importantly flexible: he tailored his mentorship approach to my needs. I highly recommend Dylan as a coach and mentor."

- Christian about Dylan Israel

"Sumit helped come up with a roadmap of what I should do to get to my goal and helped me every step of the way. I really can't thank him enough for all the help and support he's given me. "

- Nesh about Sumit Kapoor

"Leoson has been absolutely fantastic in helping me become more proficient in data analysis. As a product manager, it's crucial for me to have a strong understanding of the data around the product areas I work on, including how users interact with the product and how it correlates with our business KPIs. Leo's approach has been amazing - he always makes sure I understand the foundations of how data is gathered before diving into the analyses. Thanks to Leo, I feel much more confident in my ability to work with data and drive meaningful insights for our team. "

- Veronika about Leoson Hoay

"Simon is a fantastic mentor, both sound of mind and knowledgeable in his field. One of his perks is that he is flexible and willing to adjust to your learning style. "

- Madeliene about Simon Szalai

"Juliette is a fabulous mentor as gives precise feedback on how to improve my case study. She also provides a lot of resources and guidance on how to navigate my career journey as well. Unfortunately life happens and UX is not my priority right now so I had to pause my subscription, but Juliette is still very understanding and supportive which I appreciate so so much! I will definitely come back to Juliette once I have the capacity in the future!"

- Katrina about Juliette Weiss

"Jake is a good mentor, good teacher. He helps me a lot with understanding stuff and is always happy to help with my questions. "

- Natalia about Jake Sta Teresa

"Ben has been a great mentor. First of all he is very responsive. His insight of business has taken my ideas and initiatives to the next level. He also has been able to change my mindset during challenging tímes. I’m looking forward to having his mentorship catapult me to the next level. "

- Hiba about Ben Sheppard

"Harry gave great insight about running a freelance marketing business / marketing agency. What was particularly helpful for me was hearing about his experience with setting prices. Harry was a friendly and supportive mentor!"

- JeanMari about Harry O'Connor

"From the first meeting, Won's guidance was relevant, full of value, and generously given. He provided sage career advice and spot-on portfolio feedback that was helpful to me in quickly landing a job."

- Joel about Won You

"Vishwa is a very intelligent and patient mentor. He guides me in overcoming algorithm questions, and I'm much more confident in performing coding interviews now."

- Max about Vishwa Mohan

"Fiodar is incredibly kowledgeable and skilled and I enjoyed the few conversations we had. Even though our mentorship was positive, I have the opportunity to get mentored by someone outside of Mentorcruise. "

- Deleted about Fiodar Sazanavets

"Felix has been a great mentor so far. He has been so helpful in showing me what I need to learn and even sends resources for the topics. It has saved a lot of time, as I no longer have to worry what I need to be doing. He helps with real-world projects for me to work on and offers support throughout them. Looking forward to continuing to work with Felix, highly recommend."

- Elliot about Felix Kleine Bösing

"Thoughts after one month of mentorship: - Abhishek's passion for tech seeps through every call. - Very responsive on chat - Writes clear roadmaps according to mentee's preferences - Adopts a flexible approach and continuously explores career paths with mentee - Suggests learning resources that are both directly relevant (e.g. online tutorials) and indirectly relevant (e.g. tech documentaries)"

- Henry about Abhishek Somani

"Warut is super great and helpful!"

- Zion about Warut Yompool

"Was helpful and knowledgeable. Good response times and had plenty of experience in interview type scenarios. "

- James about Keith Brewster

"I would like to express my gratitude to my mentor for giving me the confidence to excel in my new job and role as a scrum master. In the past three months through our fruitful conversations and your valuable advice, I've successfully completed onboarding, implemented Scrum in two teams, and passed the PSM I certification! And what is also important I now have a clear understanding of how to develop as a Scrum Master and I'm delighted we can regularly review my personal path. Thank you very much for your guidance and support, Denis! "

- Madina about Denis Salnikov

"Munir is an awesome mentor, couldn't recommend him enough! He really listened to where I wanted to get to in my career, came up with an action plan in order to do so, and kept me accountable along the way. I never had any problems whatsoever reaching out to him or scheduling meetings. If you're thinking of getting your skills or career to the next level, I wouldn't hesitate to contact Munir."

- Juan about Munir Alsafi

"Good, very nice guy"

- Jimmy about Louie Pascua

"Chelsie was a great mentor and helped with a lot of advice!"

- Mariam about Chelsie-Jean Fernandez

"Najib is good mentor"

- ANN about Najib Radzuan

"Earl is one of the best mentors I have ever experienced: professional, enthusiastic and highly responsible. Not everyone's suggestions are worth taking, but Earl's constructive suggestions are always worth thinking about. As a junior UX designer who have just changed careers for more than a year, I am very fortunate to meet Earl at the beginning of my career. Earl really makes a good role model for juniors, no matter from professional perspective or as a person. You should not be surprised by his fast and high-quality replies. Sometimes juniors may easily feel lost, unclear about the standard of "good". Earl is like a flashing beacon light in the sea, guiding you in the right direction. There's no need to emphasize how important to find the right direction for a junior designer. In summary, Earl worths 5 star recommendations, he's greater than your imagination!"

- Shiqiu about Earl Friedberg

"Leoson is an absolute legend. For months, I was stuck in Python tutorial hell, jumping from one course to another because nothing felt like a right fit and the material was all the same. But when I started working with Leoson, he created a curriculum for my needs (which was real-world applied data science). He takes the time to answer all of my questions and understands my challenges as a beginning data scientist. Having Leoson as my mentor made me fall in love with data science again. 5/5 Highly recommend."

- Adrian about Leoson Hoay

"Reza is amazing! I had almost zero knowledge of machine learning when I started. Reza expanded my knowledge to a point where I could ask the right questions and build functional AI products. Awesome mentor! I highly recommend him! "

- Jarid about Reza Fazeli

"Rahin's mentorship has been a positive influence on my journey in front-end development. His practical insights improved my understanding of the field, leading to a noticeable enhancement in my work quality."

- Philippe about Rahin Jegarajaratnam

"Luis' mentorship is exceptional. I am very fortunate to have him as a mentor as I begin my Data Science career. I have benefitted from his knowledge of programming in Python, use of SQL and overall business acumen. "

- Jude about Luis Andrade

"Explain complex concept in a very easy to understand way! "

- mohammed about Anand Safi

"Scott is an excellent mentor, he's consistently pushing/guiding me to achieve my goals"

- Arjun about Scott Gay

"Earl is such a supportive and helpful mentor who not only provides sharp insights but also knows how and where to keep you focused in achieving your goals. I recommend him to anyone who is starting out in their UX career or needs help in identifying and improving weak spots, such as storytelling skills to anything and everything!"

- Esther about Earl Friedberg

"Ahmed has been an excellent guide as I navigate my career shift into tech. I wish I had found him sooner!"

- Ian about Ahmed Sadman Muhib

"Abhishek is organized and always keeps track of my progress. He talks to me if he hasn't seen me active regarding the tasks he has assigned me and not only gives me technical recommendations, for which he is an excellent mentor since his experience and skills are great, but also professional recommendations on how to organize my time and how to set boundaries in a cordial way so that my time is respected within my team. He has an excellent disposition and it is easy to see that he is a very good person. I am very happy to have made the right choice and of course, I totally recommend him."

- Julio about Abhishek Somani

"Sandra is a talented and engaging mentor, coach and leader with the ability to distill complex ideas down to simple concepts and strategies. She has the rare talent of being able to connect with people across a variety of disciplines, build rapport quickly and then share ideas with her mentees in a way that is easily understood and embraced. She has the heart of a teacher, the mind of a strategist and the skills to encourage, coach and drive to meaningful results. Sandra’s deeper understanding of customer needs, discovery and starting from a place of curiosity has allowed us to connect with our customers in a way that focuses on their needs. I always appreciate She is able to leverage her many years of experience in the start-up space to tailor coaching moments to meet what seems like any situation with ease. I really enjoy my interactions with her as they are often thought-provoking and, perhaps more importantly, encouraging. "

- Narinder about Sandra Wear

"Hari is very knowledgeable in the area of micro startups. Using his experience he was able to guide and suggest first steps to get started. I would recommend him to anyone beginning their journey in this area. "

- Josh about Hari Dulipudi

"Earl was very diligent, patient, and resourceful for people just starting out within the design field! He is well-versed and connected within the UX Design field, so if you’re looking for a place to start with a great result, he is the mentor you should consider! "

- Paola about Earl Friedberg

"Where do I begin? I feel so lucky to have found Earl as a mentor! He is an extremely knowledgeable and resourceful professional, and also a warm, kind and wonderful human being in general :) I've had a handful of calls with him so far. He takes the time to listen to my needs, and gives me really solid advice. I always feel understood and energized after each session. We also exchange messages in-between our calls, and he also provides very detailed answers to my questions. I can feel that he really cares about his mentees and want them to succeed. Highly recommend!! "

- Maggie about Earl Friedberg

"I have had the pleasure of working with Nima as my deep learning mentor, and I cannot recommend him highly enough. Nima is not only extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the field of deep learning, but he is also an excellent teacher and mentor. Nima has a talent for breaking down complex concepts into understandable and manageable pieces. He has a deep understanding of the theory behind deep learning, and is able to explain it in a way that is easy to follow and apply. He is also adept at providing hands-on experience and practical examples, which has helped me to gain a much deeper understanding of the subject. In addition to his technical expertise, Nima is also patient, kind, and supportive. He is always willing to answer questions, offer feedback, and provide guidance when needed. He genuinely cares about his mentees and is dedicated to helping them achieve their goals. Overall, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with Nima as my mentor. He has been an invaluable resource for me, and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to deepen their knowledge and skills in the field of deep learning."

- Moutasem about Nima Tajbakhsh

"Laura was amazing! A true Silicon Valley insider!"

- Ahmed about Laura Ma

"He's really good at explaining coding skill. He's really kind and generous even if you're not good enough coding bit or technical bit."

- IN-A about Sachin Khurana

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