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"In just a few weeks, I feel a LOT more confident navigating the React world. Chris has been an excellent mentor."

Tom Ray
- Tom Ray

“My main goal was to get the guidance and learn from another experienced specialist. I’m keen to grow as fast as I can in my career and it’s great to have such platform like MentorCruise to help you.”

"I reached my goal very quickly – a lot quicker than I had expected. I owe a tremendous amount of credit to Jordi for challenging me, providing support, his positivity and accessibility."

“My mentor was the game-changer for me. When I started, I was like a fish out of water. It’s very difficult and inefficient to try and reinvent the wheel all by yourself.”

“Between now and 6 months ago, I feel like I improved as an engineer. Looking back, I took a huge step, beyond my expectations”

“MentorCruise changed my life. Having a mentor at my disposal for the fraction of the cost of a bootcamp during a global pandemic was a game changer.“

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Mentees reach their goals on average in about 3 months. Their comments speak for themselves.

"Heidi has played a crucial role in fostering my career development. Her invaluable guidance has proven instrumental in navigating my thoughts and ideas while creating impactful materials and content for my work. Moreover, she has skillfully assisted me in streamlining my processes and addressing any emotional challenges I encountered in relation to my professional endeavors. Heidi's unwavering patience and ever-present smile have consistently made a positive impact on my career trajectory. I am sincerely grateful for her steady flexibility and availability during our conversations, which have proven to be transformative, and crucial."

- Victoria about Heidi Kalmár

"I enjoyed my time with Chris. I was promoted to Tech Lead without ever having a mentor and he provided me with valuable information that has led to my growth as a developer."

- Stuart about Chris Hannon

"Shagun is great! I had to pause the mentorship due to health reasons but in my short time consulting him, he was really responsive and provided me with great advice and guidance. He was also very attentive to the specific needs I had and pointed me to resources tailored to me. I look forward to working with him again!"

- Neha about Shagun Sodhani

"It is without doubt that Earl is a seasoned, knowledgeable UX expert and a naturally nurturing mentor. Earl applies UX principles in his mentoring sessions, always keeping in mind the unique individual he is working with and tailoring the sessions to the individual's needs/goals. He always provided me with insightful information and resources I needed to make informed career/design decisions while also allowing me space to explore. Considering a career change can be overwhelming, and Earl has been supportive, patient, and flexible throughout our sessions. I will be seeking his advice when starting job applications and look forward to working with him more. "

- Minju about Earl Friedberg

"Very thoughtful mentor, highly recommended!"

- Allan about Nate Jones

"Gaurav helped me a lot to become more confident with AWS tools (S3, Glue, Athena etc.) I like his style of explanation, it's exactly what i was looking for. Every session was tailored to my needs and questions, and i loved that Gaurav not only helped to find the solution but also explained each step and why it should be done in this way. Highly recommend Gaurav as AWS expert. "

- Alina about Gaurav Verma

"Mark is a world-class mentor, he surely pushed me beyond the barriers that could have held me back. Every session with Mark was explosive, revealing and extremely rewarding. Many of Mark's advice is reflected in the optimizations and improvements of the overall idea. I definitely will continue to work with Mark for the long term. "

- Oluwole about Mark Kleyner

"I just started out with React, and Jeroen was a great help in guiding me through the initial hoops of learning a new language. I had to pause due to lack of time on my part, but will resume in a few weeks."

- Benjamin about Jeroen Ouwehand

"The intentions were there but the getting started was not. 2 weeks just talking about how to start and no beginning to our work."

- Tay about Duncan H.

"Tam went above and beyond to help me to prepare and find my next position. He was always willing to work through any problems to find the right solution for me, and dedicated a huge amount of time to provide additional detail to help out. I would 100% recommend Tam as a product coach and mentor. "

- Jack about Tam Finlay

"Hamza is a great mentor! He answers my questions as soon as possible. He makes sure he understands the question and explains the solution in the most understandable way possible. He is a master of optimization and general problems on Unity."

- Georgi about Hamza Hassene

"Great mentor, super helpful, always take the time to fully understand the problem and provide great recommendations "

"Andy has been an incredible help. He has provided much valued direction in making me a better front end developer. I look forward to continuing to grow with Andy's as my mentor."

- Louis about Andy Chen

"Michal is a great person and mentor. He was always available and willing to help me quickly when I was stuck. His pragmatic approach helped me not waste time and focus on what is really important for my goals. "

- Pietro about Michal Tomasik

"Arvid is a fantastic mentor knowledgable across the entire startup lifespan. He really takes the time to understand your product and offer help and ideas where he can — all with great enthusiasm. Recommended!"

- Steven about Arvid Kahl

"Bhumi helped me understand the next steps I have to take in my software development career journey. For that, I'm very thankful! "

- Ilya about Bhumi S

"Gopinath is a great mentor and a wonderful human being, he streamlined my day-to-day and long-term challenges and broke them down into small achievable tasks. He is completely invested in your self-development."

- Abhinav about Gopinath Sundaram

"Earl is an amazing mentor who has made a tremendous impact on my journey. Words can't fully express how grateful I am for his guidance. Instead of gushing about how awesome he is, let me share some of the facts he has helped me achieve: I had never worked in a US company before, and my English skills were around a 5 out of 10. Thanks to Earl's support, I landed a job at a FAANG company! Once I joined my current company, Earl played a key role in helping me quickly get up to speed in my new role. Whenever I had a question, Earl always had the answer. His knowledge and expertise have been invaluable. I can't thank Earl enough for his mentorship. He has truly made a positive impact on my professional growth and development."

- Livia about Earl Friedberg

"Working with Shalva has been nothing short of fantastic. His deep knowledge of Swift and iOS development is evident, and he has a unique talent for breaking down complex concepts into easily digestible bits. The hands-on experience he provides has been instrumental in accelerating my learning. Shalva's dedication to creating a positive and collaborative learning environment is commendable. He encourages open communication and fosters a culture of continuous improvement. His mentorship goes beyond technical guidance, offering valuable insights into career development and problem-solving strategies. I'm thoroughly enjoying my time with Shalva and look forward to continuing this enriching mentorship. Best regards, Salome"

- Salome about Shalva Avanashvili

"Felix is a great mentor, with years of experience in the marketing industry he knows exactly what hiring managers/recruiters are looking for and he is able to pinpoint any problems you might have. Really easy to talk to, a very good listener and gives great advice. Cheers Felix!"

- Walter about Felix Huang

"Markus is an incredible mentor. He is very passionate, supportive and patient. Since he is an expert in deep learning and computer science, he can guide in developing the necessary skills to work in the Data Science domain. "

- Alberto about Markus Hinsche

"Helpful and knowledgeable"

- Jeremy about Erik Hanchett

"Farzad is an exceptional mentor who comes prepared for any kind of business that you're looking to run. Not only does his startup guide teach you the exact path needed to have your startup idea up and running, it removes all of the stress of not knowing which way to go. If that wasn't enough, his communication and level of care allows you to get the critical feedback you need to hear early on in your process. If you're in the market for a "no BS" mentor, look no further. Farzad is the man."

- Oleg about Farzad Khosravi

"Haiguang is an amazing mentor! Really knowledgeable and really generous with his time. Great fit for anyone who wants to learn more about software engineering or machine learning! "

- Graham about Haiguang Li

"Gaurav has excellent mentoring skills, having provided invaluable guidance during my Data Engineering ramp-up. His strong technical knowledge and design skills helped me to learn industry standard concepts. I would highly recommend Gaurav to anyone seeking guidance in Data Engineering !"

- Nandini about Gaurav Verma

"Taha is an awesome motivator and an inspiring mentor."

- Zeki about Taha Uygun

"Rui is amazing! Laser-focused sessions get me the accountability I need. He takes time and effort in preparing for our conversations, which I appreciate. Last but not least, his depth of experience is extremely useful to have at hand."

- Dominic about Rui Bom

"Aaron has been great to work with. He has helped me improve my knowledge of Google tools and assisted in formulating an effective marketing plan for our company. His support extends beyond scheduled meetings and is dedicated to help his mentees succeed. I highly recommend him to those looking to improve their overall marketing skills. He has excellent listening skills, a knack for simplifying complex concepts, and a great sense of humor. He's an ideal person to help you reach your goals."

- Chloe about Aaron Drotts

"I've been really happy using my time with Luca so far. He is a very understanding mentor and very willing to work on whatever goal I have been focusing on. I wanted some help with my overall engineering skills and wanted to try learning more about distributed system. He is very helpful for pointing out design decisions and making suggestions. He also recommends very helpful readings!"

- Zachary about Luca Cavallin

"Bhumi is a great mentor! I have been working for her for a couple of months now on current issues in both my learning of Rails, Ruby and SQL and road blocks that I have run into in my professional jobs. "

- Jason about Bhumi S

"From our first meeting, Demian has been very proactive in identifying both the weak spots and strengths in my skillset. He has been tremendously generous with his time and very respectful in providing feedback. I feel like I've made progress by leaps and bounds, and I'm excited about all the things I have yet to learn"

- Ignacio about Demian Gutierrez

"Tarsi is special. It’s my ace in the hole. "

- ANDREA about Tarsi Luo

"Alexander is good mentor , recommended "

- Anton about Alexandre Blanchet

" "

- Valentina about Xanthe Kerssens

"Aarti is flexible and knowledge. She has been very helpful in geting me to the answer. She asks the right questions and is patient. "

- Samantha about Aarti Patel

"Highly recommend Cheng as a mentor! I worked with her to get started on my data analytics portfolio, as well as resume help and interview prep. She helped me create an amazing portfolio and resume that got noticed by recruiters, and she also helped me with practice questions for my interviews. In less than 2 months of my job search, I got an official offer! Highly recommend having her as a mentor- she has a lot of professional experience and has answered all of my questions in a timely manner."

- Paula about Cheng Qian

"Rafael is a great mentor! Has helped me many times so far. Don't look any further, this is your guy."

- Jimmy about Rafael Guerra

"Earl has been amazing so far. Such a sunny disposition and knowledge of the craft. He's insanely responsive I actually send an email and within minutes he's replied which is fantastic! Our collab has been going very well and I look forward to more months of mentorship with Earl :)"

- bassma about Earl Friedberg

"I keep learning with Jake for about 4 months. Jake is a great mentor, he explains difficult topics with simple words, it helps a lot. "

- Natalia about Jake Sta Teresa

"This is my first team with Luky and she's been very helpful in helping me went through my changing stage. It's also helpful that she share her experience in making a career choice based on what we value. "

- Putri about Luky Primadani

"Jake is amazing ! Caring and always here to help, checking up on me truly the kind of mentor I need "

- Charlie about Jake Sta Teresa

"Sofia helped me in planning a strategy for my YouTube channel. She is very experienced, kind and smart and she understood my goals since the first call we had."

- Daniele about Sofia Holden

"I had the pleasure to meet Ha to be my mentor and I have learned more about UX and UI at Google. Also, I learned leadership and presentation skills to achieve my future goals 😃 Highly recommend it"

- Ting-Chieh about Ha Baik

"Michael is a mature technological leader with plenty of practical wisdom. I particularly enjoyed his insights into how to develop political and softer skills and become a better engineering leader. I can highly recommend him to anyone who wants to level up as a leader in a corporate setting."

- Vasilij about Michael Harris

"Henrik is here for you! He will help you in any form you need him. He will also guide you when needed. "

- Dennis about Henrik (M.Sc.)

"Essa has many positives like his passion and experience, but what stands out the most is that he tries to understand what makes you tick, then he adapts his approach. He understands that everybody has strengths and weaknesses so he is very non-judgmental and easy to talk to. He is also interesting so a call really goes by fast, and if you have spare time he generously spends more of his. As a teacher myself, I can recognize his talents of teaching and mentoring which is why I wholeheartedly recommend him."

- Nolan about Essa Saulat

"I’m enjoying working with Muhib and feel like I’m making very good progress. I think that if I continue with this mentorship that I’ll be able to achieve my goals. "

- Simone about Ahmed Sadman Muhib

"Dipanjan is the most supportive mentor I have come across in tech. He is always punctual, responsive and informative. He delivers content fast and the talks I have had with him have been the most productive and enjoyable meetings thus far!"

- Raymond about Dipanjan Sarkar

"He cleared all of my doubts and issues"

- Brittany about Diwakar Singh

"I'm really enjoying my time with David! Our discussions are always highly engaging and he is helping me gain clarity on the tasks I need to complete."

"During our cooperation, Siddharth always promptly answered any questions that I had, related to both my work and training. Thanks to the tips and resources he shared with me, my work went faster and I got to grips with the topics that interested me more quickly. He helped not only with understanding what approaches and tools to use in different problems, but also with how to approach work in general, solve problems in parts, and correctly prioritize. I am grateful to him for his work and look forward to collaborating with him again in the future."

- Sabrina about Siddharth Agrawal

"excellent "

- Ramont about Cory Seaborn

"Maria has been a very supportive and responsive mentor. I feel she is really invested in my projects and always has references of other websites or elements for me to look at and help understand what is necessary. I really feel like I couldn't do this without her. "

- Missy about Maria Teresa Stella

"Chris is a great mentor and I find his sessions very valuable and insightful. What I like the most is that at the end of each session I walk away with actionable insights which I can start implementing. I would highly recommend his coaching. "

- kaumudi about Chris Nicol

"I will rate our mentor Sofia with 10 Stars!! She is a great mentor for several reasons! She understands very well what we need for our Fintech Startup Cygnus-A2 regarding Marketing Plan, Business Plan and Road Map to achieve our Goals. She is guiding us, providing detailed steps to do the right way. With her vast experience knows the next steps for the brand, anticipating future mistakes to prevent. As a person, she's kind and lovely. Speaking with her like a friend. We still have her as a mentor because we need her to minimise risk as a brand and an entrepreneur. Hire her if you are ambitious and want to secure your clear map to success! She's the right person to help you to fill your dreams full!!"

- Ryan about Sofia Holden

"Excellent Mentor, I was amazed by the resources he provided and pieces of advice that immensely helped me improve my portfolio and resume. I can’t recommend more!"

- Luis about Richard Dykes

"Anna really helped me a lot. Thank you very much. Her mentoring was very structured, she was able to answer all my questions and inspired me a lot. I can already see that this has made me even more successful with my agency. I highly recommend Anna as a mentor."

- Pierre about Anna Herasymenko

"Very knowledgeable and fluent"

- Chidi about Mohammed Munem

"Alex is a fantastic mentor. Throughout our work together, Alex has worked with me as an advisor for an open source I maintain. He also helped prepare and navigate a job change. Alex is very knowledgeable and also very friendly. I immensely enjoyed my time with him and would recommend him."

- Carlos about Alex Rohleder

"Eya has been very helpful in providing me with industry insight and pushing me to achieve my goals. She frequently schedules a meeting to check in on my progress and to set weekly/bi-weekly goals, while noting my strengths and suggesting ways to improve on my weaknesses. I appreciate her effort and enthusiasm in mentoring me, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for guidance in the AI space."

- Nelson about Eya Rhouma

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