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"In just a few weeks, I feel a LOT more confident navigating the React world. Chris has been an excellent mentor."

Tom Ray
- Tom Ray

“My main goal was to get the guidance and learn from another experienced specialist. I’m keen to grow as fast as I can in my career and it’s great to have such platform like MentorCruise to help you.”

"I reached my goal very quickly – a lot quicker than I had expected. I owe a tremendous amount of credit to Jordi for challenging me, providing support, his positivity and accessibility."

“My mentor was the game-changer for me. When I started, I was like a fish out of water. It’s very difficult and inefficient to try and reinvent the wheel all by yourself.”

“Between now and 6 months ago, I feel like I improved as an engineer. Looking back, I took a huge step, beyond my expectations”

“MentorCruise changed my life. Having a mentor at my disposal for the fraction of the cost of a bootcamp during a global pandemic was a game changer.“

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Mentees reach their goals on average in about 3 months. Their comments speak for themselves.

"Rohan is an extraordinary mentor with excellent skills in data science. He can explain complex subjects in a simply manner. "

- Sahar about Rohan Deshmukh

"Shelby's design and UI/UX expertise + her strong articulation of that is what I need as a founder. "

- Zhen Ming about Shelby Corbella

"Further to my last review. I am very pleased with my experience with fiodar, he has already helped me to get a better job with more prospects and to understand design patterns even more. Would highly recommend him."

- Colin about Fiodar Sazanavets

"Ricardo has been super instrumental in showing me my blindspots. He has such great product thinking as well as an understanding of the human mind! I loved talking to him and strategizing about what was ahead. Thank you so much for everything and for what's to come! "

- Gilad about Ricardo Luiz

"Jaret has helped me so much in the short time we worked together. I could tell he really cared about my needs and my goals. Jaret is very well organized and has a structured plan for approaching the job search and helped me feel more confident in interviews in just a couple weeks. If you are looking for a sign to guide you to the right mentor this is it! Choose Jaret! He Rocks!"

- Veronica about Jaret Andre

"I've been working with Samuel for about 2 months and I feel he's a great listener that thinks about the impact of each line of code. He's very knowledgeable and likes to share it! I've learned a lot in the short time and have received great support! Thank you Sam! "

- German about Samuel Rafini

"Alex is the most supportive mentor. He will go above and beyond to mentor not just mentor you on technical skills but also non-technical skills."

- Jonathan about Alex Andronic

"Jake is one of the few mentors who is willing to work on projects and code together. Jake has transformed my business and my best mentor so far by a long way."

- Nick about Jake Sta Teresa

"So far it's been awesome. Aymen is very knowledgeable and has an awesome plan for my near learning path, better than I've could ever imagined. It is by far the best decision that I've taken for my future. Looking forward to work with him for the next several months."

- Ramiro about Aymen Segni

"I have used numerous mentors on this site and other sites and Jake is by far the best. Jake is attentive, knowledgeable and genuinely cares about his student`s progress."

- Nick about Jake Sta Teresa

"Thank you Jeff for your time and great advice. However, at this point, we will have to temporarily put this on hold. We will surely be in touch with you in future."

- Apoorva about Jeff Solomon

" My mentorship with Jake, definitely has been very helpful during my initial months as a software engineer. Jake's experience is reflected on the advise and feedback provided by him during our mentorship. He is always available even to answer a question and very flexible when it came to needing help. "

- Xiomara about Jake Sta Teresa

"Nikola is very knowledgable in the field of NLP."

- Vishal about Nikola Nikolov

"Benjamin is a high-class professional who knows his thing and is happy to share his knowledge. Especially if you're looking to level up your React app performance optimization and deployment skills - that's a request I approached him with and got what I expected. I will definitely come back for more mentorship again when I'll be ready to level up my skills further."

- Yaroslav about Benjamin Kaiser

"Abhishek is a great mentor who understood my requirements and guided me well. He designed the learning path for me and he provides his guidance when needed. He also keeps me accountable for my commitment and I would recommend him for your learning journey :)"

- Komal about Abhishek Jakhar

"A very knowledgeable and passionate mentor. Very easy to work with and concise in his explanations. Hi experience and expertise in Flutter is unmatched!"

- Rafael about Gonçalo Palma

"very helpful"

- JIE about Laura Ma

"A beneficial mentor knows how to give and explain information to the student. Thank you so much for your help. "

- Ivan about Vladimir Mukhin

"Anubhav is highly skilled and can really help to achieve your goals in defined timeliness by creating long term plan and tracking it using milestone based learning. I liked his approach as he focuses on practical learning, you learn concepts/theory then confirm your understanding with some practical application. I will definitely recommend Anubhav as a Mentor."

- INDERJEET about Anubhav Singh

"Hossam does an exceptional job of mentoring. I have been doing sessions with him for a little over two months and have already seen a dramatic improvement in the code that I am able to write. He has a very deliberate, well-planned method of mentoring. I would highly recommend mentoring sessions with Hossam, especially for anyone in the Front-End Development world. "

- Kyle about Hossam Mourad

"It is without doubt that Earl is a seasoned, knowledgeable UX expert and a naturally nurturing mentor. Earl applies UX principles in his mentoring sessions, always keeping in mind the unique individual he is working with and tailoring the sessions to the individual's needs/goals. He always provided me with insightful information and resources I needed to make informed career/design decisions while also allowing me space to explore. Considering a career change can be overwhelming, and Earl has been supportive, patient, and flexible throughout our sessions. I will be seeking his advice when starting job applications and look forward to working with him more. "

- Minju about Earl Friedberg

"Salim was a great mentor and was always there when I needed help"

- Vahidin about Salim Mahboubi

"Gus is amazing!!! I loved working with him. He's a marketing Guru."

- Gilad about Gus Veiga

"Giorgio is a great mentor, a really nice guy and very easy to talk too, He is a very experienced and humble web developer, With years of experience. So far having Giorgio as my mentor he has guided me on the right path for me to head towards my goals. He answers any questions I have and is always ready to give advice or help. I'm glad Giorgio is my mentor "

- Luke about Giorgio Boa

"I started my mentoring with Naz over a month ago. And I learned a lot of things, we started with the basics of JS and little by little we evolved into real projects. His teaching method is excellent with a good sense of sharing and especially to make me autonomous. His way of reviewing the code is top notch with detailed explanations and supporting documents for better understanding. She is an excellent mentor that I will recommend to anyone who wants to grow in their career, she is always there to help with a very good pedagogy. I thank her for all her commitment and help."

- Mohamed Assalla about Naz Delam

"Focused, direct, actionable. We had clear outcomes for each session and Chris over-delivered on all of them. "

- Amer about Chris Nicol

"Dimitris is a very knowledgeable and friendly person. He helped me to prepare a concept and plan a future QA department in my company. Highly recommend! "

- Damir about Dimitris Karavias

"Eric is a partner, more than a mentor."

- ANDREA about Eric Kottke

"Brandon is one of the most patient, kind and knowledgeable mentors on Mentocruise. Having a FAANG background, he understand scale, leadership and the intricacies of mentoring new and experienced users. Highly recommended for any full-stack role from JS to ML."

- Danish about Brandon F.

"Such a great mentor, amazing experience! Thank you!"

- Luis about Bhumi S

"Payam is a great Mentor!"

- Hari about Payam Ghassemi

"What you get with Eric is proactive mentorship. One that often makes the first move to check up on you, giving you feedback when you least expected it. This is a testament to the quality of care that Eric gives to his mentees. I would recommend! "

- Zhen Ming about Eric Jude

"Leoson is an absolute legend. For months, I was stuck in Python tutorial hell, jumping from one course to another because nothing felt like a right fit and the material was all the same. But when I started working with Leoson, he created a curriculum for my needs (which was real-world applied data science). He takes the time to answer all of my questions and understands my challenges as a beginning data scientist. Having Leoson as my mentor made me fall in love with data science again. 5/5 Highly recommend."

- Adrian about Leoson Hoay

"Tony is a very systematic mentor and he really works on developing an actionable plan for your goals for your mentorship period. He was able to answer and expand on the majority of my questions. Specifically, building a workflow process, focusing in on different research methods or design skills based on my goals, going through portfolio & resume thoroughly, and question prep for job interviews, and assessing jobs I had bookmarked to see if I would be a good candidate. This experience is very much a get out what you put in, not complete hand-holding so make sure to come prepared with your own agenda of goals. "

- Sophia about Tony Turner

"Tigran is a really good mentor, very passionate about helping people and organized the interaction so that we have a clear motive and goal we are working towards "

- Nikhil about Tigran Hakobyan

"This guy is a god. 10/10"

- Jimmy about Jainil Vachhani

"Juliette is a wonderful mentor who helped me bridge my experience in academia with industry. If you are looking to make sense of what product-oriented design roles entail in a spatial computing context, Juliette is the right person to mentor you. She is flexible and adaptable to your needs as a mentee and is very curious about making sure her mentorship fits your unique needs. During my time as her mentee, I sharpened my professional goals. She is also just a delight to know, very appreciative she is on Mentor Cruise, 10/10 recommend!! "

- Caseysimone about Juliette Weiss

"Eric has challenged my thinking and encouraged and help me to grow personally and professionally! I really enjoy talking to him and the tasks he is giving are useful and lead to a better understanding of myself and my business career. If you are stuck or overwhelmed in your current situation and need someone to give you clarity and advice, talk to Eric! "

- Alexander about Eric Jude

"Mladen knows how to take control of the conversation and keep it focused on progress and results. Great dude that knows his stuff."

- Jobany about Mladen Ruzicic

"He was great, but I changed my mind about the mentorship."

- Nagair about Daniele Marinelli

"Akram is really kind and helpful regardless of your level of experience, always there to help you. I have learned a lot with Akram. Thank you so much!"

- Tayeb about Akram Riahi

"Amazing mentor. He helped me set up goals, and track them to get to where I want"

- Gilad about Lloyd Jacob

"Eric will push you to take the risk that you were always hesitating for and he will stand behind you to make sure that you don't fall."

- Karthi about Eric Jude

"When I decided to learn AI-ML, I had plenty of options before me to go with (Online courses, formal education etc.). Having tried and got tired with the online courses, I decided to go with a mentor based learning. Siddharth is an excellent mentor in this field. He has given me very clear goals, his approach was to the point. Having himself studied in the Ivy League universities of India, Siddharth's knowledge is very deep and he is a master in his skill. Personally, he is very down to earth, very supportive towards my goals and I love every moment that I am spending with him. If you are looking to learn anything in AI, I highly recommend you to go for Siddharth. I guarantee that the investment that you make will never go wasted."

- Karthikeyan about Siddharth Agrawal

"Telmo's great. I was lost and frustrated before I started mentorship with him. He's always helpful and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend him a mentor!"

- Jay about Telmo Sampaio

"Earl supported me a lot during my hardest time, providing multiple learning resources and feedback. He is totally a nice mentor, encouraging me a lot!"

- Zoe about Earl Friedberg

"Jake is on another level, he always gives in-depth code reviews and he's answering really fast. The calls are extremely usefull and they showcase his long experience in software engineering! You can't go wrong with him!! "

- Thomas about Jake Sta Teresa

"Sumit is an expert developer, he's assisted me a number of times and always explains his solutions clearly. He responds in a timely manner and will let you know his availability should you require assistance. His knowledge about coding is deep and it clearly shows in his solutions and explanations. "

- Christopher about Sumit Kapoor

"Siddharth has helped with some useful pointers so far on one of the projects am working on. Looking forward to working more closely and learning more. Thanks, Siddharth!"

- Ashwini about Siddharth Agrawal

"Shelby is an amazing mentor! Super helpful and has given me constructive criticism on my portfolio! Highly recommend!"

- Anastasia about Shelby Corbella

"Amazing mentor, deep knowledge, quick feedback and great advice!"

- Nick about Jake Sta Teresa

"I was looking for a new job, and Nikolai helped me understand advanced React topics and algorithms better. He sent me exercises to review in the next session. We also discussed common interview questions, and he taught me how to show and explain my strengths in a better way. I'm thrilled with the achievements after the mentorship. Totally recommended!"

- Ruben about Nikolai Katkov

"Great experience, Jess shared with me some very good ressources related to design and accessibility. "

- Philippe about Jess Phoa

"Jake is a good mentor, good teacher. He helps me a lot with understanding stuff and is always happy to help with my questions. "

- Natalia about Jake Sta Teresa

"Mladen obviously knows his coding stuff and has a lot of experience in the frontend industry. He came prepared with a project that we do together and in our calls he gives practical advice and analysis of what to improve. He is polite and friendly as a person. I would recommend him any time. "

- Mario about Mladen Ruzicic

"I've tried more than a couple of mentors in mentorcruise for my React/Node project and Abhi is easily the best option. He will ask you questions 1 day before the meeting so he can do his homework and prep the materials. He also solved my code issue efficiently by going through the problem and documentation together with me and make sure I understand the solution well so I can do it on my own next time. Highly recommended! "

- Sherly about Abhishek Jakhar

"Eric has challenged my thinking and encouraged and helped me to grow personally and professionally! I really enjoy talking to him and the tasks he is giving me are useful and lead to a better understanding of myself and my business career. If you are stuck or overwhelmed in your current situation and need someone to give you clarity and advice, talk to Eric!"

- Alex about Eric Jude

"very patient, very good teacher, very pleasant > Happy with Telmo :)"

- Benoit about Telmo Sampaio

"Nick helps me with portfolio reviews and resume feedbacks so I am able to become a better designer. I appreciate that Nick spending time with me. I highly recommend Nick to be your mentor :)"

- Jay about Nick Hoh

"Jainil gave me great goal oriented feedback for programming and things to focus on, but also some CV tips. Happy to work with him."

- Matěj about Jainil Vachhani

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