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"In just a few weeks, I feel a LOT more confident navigating the React world. Chris has been an excellent mentor."

Tom Ray
- Tom Ray

“My main goal was to get the guidance and learn from another experienced specialist. I’m keen to grow as fast as I can in my career and it’s great to have such platform like MentorCruise to help you.”

"I reached my goal very quickly – a lot quicker than I had expected. I owe a tremendous amount of credit to Jordi for challenging me, providing support, his positivity and accessibility."

“My mentor was the game-changer for me. When I started, I was like a fish out of water. It’s very difficult and inefficient to try and reinvent the wheel all by yourself.”

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Mentees reach their goals on average in about 3 months, with the right mentor. Their comments speak for themselves.

"He was able to assist me in my current projects I am working on. He explained the answers to questions I had very well!"

- Nikko about Ricardo Joson

"Holly gave excellent mentorship when I had troubles choosing a path in my tech career. Thank you Holly for your advice and help!"

- Kimmy about Holly Boothroyd

"The mentor was really helpful and professional."

- Lines about Damilola Oduronbi

"Boaz is a very responsible and knowledgeable instructor. Helped me in various parts of Java programming. His years of experience behind him say it all. Plus he can be funny and always replies to messages almost instantly. 10/10 would 'hire' him again :)"

- Stefan about Boaz Harel

"Colin has been fantastic! Great insights "

- Lee about Colin Hodge

"Great guy! Great experience!"

- Joshua about Bryan Tong

"I have spent nearly two years of self-studying data science. The feeling I was getting nowhere was slowly putting me off the track. That is when I met Raffaele. After a few lessons, my feelings changed completely. Raffaele has outstanding knowledge and experience in the data science world. I can clearly see my progress. 100% value for money."

- Mauro about Raffaele Miele

"Chelsie-Jean is a very caring mentor and she has been very helpful in providing tips and guidance regarding project and product management job profiles. I enjoy working with Chelsie-Jean and would recommend anyone looking for guidance in these areas."

- John about Chelsie-Jean Fernandez

"It is wonderful – Georgie helped me a lot!"

- Tianyou about Georgie Luhur Cooke

"Highly professional attitude, always on point with his feedback and adds value the second you talk to him. I can wholeheartedly recommend Krishan as a mentor and am confident, that he can help you reach your goals as well."

- Yasin about Krishan Patel

"My experience was outstanding. Cole helped me a great deal with my resume and gave plenty of great advice. Would definitely consult with him again."

- Austin about Cole Turner

"Georgie is an amazing mentor to go to! She has helped me a lot with improving my communication skills and being comfortable with seeking and delivering feedback!"

- Ricardo about Georgie Luhur Cooke

"My experience with Luis so far has been incredible and has given me a great boost in my Data Science journey. Not only is he highly skilled and passionate in the field, but he is very open to stay longer than the planned hours to help me with my questions. In my opinion, this shows that he genuinely cares about the mentees. In short, I'm very grateful, and quite lucky actually since I applied just in time, to have Luis as my mentor."

- Daniel about Luis Andrade

"Such a great mentor, amazing experience! Thank you!"

- Luis about Bhumi S

"Victor is very helpful and available. He gave me interesting insights about the field and helped me break down difficult tasks into manageable steps. I have grown thanks to his mentorship and can recommend him to anyone looking for career advices."

- Anna about Victor Barros

"My mentorship with Divyanshu has helped me a lot in my current project.There were many concepts I was confused about before starting my mentorship, but then he explained them to me, which made me more confident. I highly recommend Divyanshu as a mentor."

- Shweta about Divyanshu Rawat

"Neal was a wonderful help and resource. I greatly appreciated his guidance and assistance in helping me to reach my goal."

- Roberto about Neal Fultz

"Brilliant! Danielle gave great advice and was so easy to work with."

- Thomas about Danielle Simpson

"I am having a great experience with Samuel as my mentor for the past couple of months. He has exposure to diverse technologies ranging from Javascript, React, Typescript, Redux, Saga, Firebase, Gatsby, etc. He has a terrific attitude - his commitment to our betterment is unquestionable. He is also honest about his contribution, which sets the right kind of expectations for the candidate. Given that he has a day job, and family, he still strives to give time to us, which is very commendable. He brings forth ton of work experience and real-world problem solving skills along with him, which is really helpful to the candidates wishing to learn from him. I am very happy with him as my mentor and I am sure one can learn lot of front end as well as back end technologies from him."

- Venkateswar about Samuel Rafini

"Mark is awesome. He's insightful, smart, and caring. Would recommend him to anyone."

- DJ about Mark van der Velden

"Stephen is very charismatic and hands-on. He explains concepts from the ground up and able to find interesting topics / projects throughout the relationship. Many thanks!"

- Matias about Stephen Gabriel

"Naz was great in every way. I'd like to work with her again in the future."

- Eugene about Naz Delam

"He provides practical guidance that has been motivating and beneficial to my professional development."

- Max about Vishwa Mohan

"Thanks for a great time. If I ever need your expertise again, I will certainly find you here."

- Cathy about Dominic Monn

"My main goal was to get the guidance and learn from another experienced specialist. I’m keen to grow as fast as I can in my career and it’s great to have such platform like MentorCruise to help you."

- Egle Zuzeviciute about Lloyd Jacob

"Jake is a great mentor. He adapted to my need from session 1. He's always giving me feedback and reviewing my code. He also replies within a short amount of time, although the time zone difference is big. I highly recommend him as a mentor."

- khalid about Jake Sta Teresa

"Sajeev have been an excellent mentor for me. Very knowledgeable person in career guidance, computer science and AWS. He explains concepts in good detail. I will keep learning from him in the future !"

- Harsh about Sajeev Mahajan

"Nata is very knowledgable. Besides guiding me with my work on the portfolio, she sends articles and videos to improve my knowledge. She responds on my questions in a timely manner. I'm very happy with her mentoring."

- Kasia about Nata Pylypchuk

"Thanks for your help. I learned a lot about project management and the basics of React. Thanks again!"

- Mohamed about Phil Tietjen

"Adam mentored me for about a year. He is very knowledgeable and I learned a lot from our session, he's also a very nice guy. I have reached my goal of finding a Machine Learning Engineer job, and Adam was of great help in achieving this goal. I would recommend him as a mentor to anyone trying to advance in the Machine Learning world."

- Matan about Adam Green

"Tolulope is super smart and asks great questions. I was really pleased with the advice, task, and challenges that she shared with me."

- Joanna about Tolulope Ayeni

"Monika is really kind and helpful – but what's the most important she is an experienced programmer and knows current technologies. Feedback for my tasks is always in 1 or max 2 days. I feel like she is very dedicated. Perfect mentor :)"

- Asia about Monika Perwejnis

"I started my mentoring with Naz over a month ago. And I learned a lot of things, we started with the basics of JS and little by little we evolved into real projects. His teaching method is excellent with a good sense of sharing and especially to make me autonomous. His way of reviewing the code is top notch with detailed explanations and supporting documents for better understanding. She is an excellent mentor that I will recommend to anyone who wants to grow in their career, she is always there to help with a very good pedagogy. I thank her for all her commitment and help."

- Mohamed Assalla about Naz Delam

"Naz was great in every way. I'd like to work with her in the future."

- Eugene about Naz Delam

"Helped me clarify my doubts regarding tech and career, he provides practical guidance. Much appreciated!"

- Ashish about Geshan Manandhar

"Thacher is great! Very patient and understanding to work with!"

- Cristopher about Thacher Hussain

"Chris has been a very helpful mentor and is a knowledgeable JavaScript developer. My 1-to-1's with him have been greatly beneficial to my learning."

- Luke about Chris Naismith

"An is a good mentor with a lot of experience in the tech industry. I have learned a lot from him."

- Emma about The Dung An

"Experience, app and everything was great!"

- Johnny about Aayush Arora

"Awesome experience! Carlos has the greatest attention to detail, he understands all of my concerns and helped me focus on my developer career step by step. Thank you very much!"

- Rakel about Carlos David Loureda Parrado

"Neal is fantastically helpful and committed to being open about his ability to help with career and related concerns. I was lucky to get to spend time with him and would recommend him to anyone in a data or math-related role who is seeking mentorship."

- Roberto about Neal Fultz

"Ramya was very helpful, kind, and a good mentor. She is very understanding and always willing to help. "

- Duygu about Ramya Priya Guntipalli

"Very resourceful , knowledgeable mentor, I have received numerous support from the mentor and achieved a learning goal"

- Irina about Andrii Latyshev

"Tapas is an excellent mentor! He helps me a lot. He helped me many times to solve problems when I was stuck, and suggested more effective ways of doing things. I am learning a lot from him! He seems engaged and willing to devote his time to help me! He knows a lot. I surely recommend him!"

- Thomas about Tapas Adhikary

"Excellent mentor! High skilled developer with Ruby on Rails"

- Ricardo about Luis Sanchez

"Good communication 👍🏾"

- Bradley about Riccardo Giorato

"Outstanding personality, great knowledge, much patience!"

- Piotr about Vipul Asri

"I've been with Salman for the past few weeks now and would say that Salman has great knowledge in this area. He listens to the issues I face, helps me understand what is going wrong and motivates me to make it better. Thank you Salman."

- Karthikeyan about Salman Malik

"Awesome mentor. Somehow, he found a way to teach even me :)"

- Joshua about Stephen Groat

"Great. I plan to look to work with Trace again later on."

- Jas about Trace Ohrt

"Eric helped me land my dream job. He was great at giving me feedback and preparing for my interview, which was challenging! He’s the best!"

- Paulina about Eric Crawford

"He is an amazing mentor who is patient and adapts to students' needs. I am really learning lots from the mentorship!"

- Shiv about Raffaele Miele

"He's a really great guy with a lot of experience in the field and a good sense for explaining and transferring these guidance to someone else. He has experience with working with beginners in ML/DL/NLP, so he's more than capable to help anyone who just getting started. I'm satisfied by the knowledge he gives and I would recommend everyone to get mentored by him."

- Phong about Shaksham Kapoor

"Lily is a great mentor and gave me a lot of valuable tips."

- Michaela about Lily Malykhina

"It is an absolute pleasure doing projects under Deepanshu. He guides me to understand concepts easily and he is always happy to help me whenever I am in trouble."

- Maulik about Deepanshu Setia

"Great mentor that has a lot of knowledge."

- Robert

"Talking to Pablo was really useful. His guidance in the first call was enough for me to start working. I'll definitely get in touch with him again."

- Vicente about Pablo Garcia

"The Tech industry and every company needs at least one person like Jessica. She is empathetic, a great listener and provides advice, action points and support to immediately improve the way her mentee learns. Having weekly discussions with her, I quickly realised how prepared she was every time to identify my issues and expose my thinking process in order to put me on the right track to optimising my working habits and be productive. I can't recommend her enough!"

- Katerina about Jessica Bordin

"A very positive experience so far. Divyanshu has went out of his way to help me get the information I need and provide me with tips to aid me in the future. Highly recommended."

- James about Divyanshu Rawat

"Vishwa is great at explaining the core concepts and whiteboarding. He helped me how to think algorithmically. I am from a non-CS background, but after working with him, I can approach coding problems confidently."

- Max about Vishwa Mohan

"Stephen was a great listener and was prompt to answer my questions. I was able to complete my short-term career goal and was extended by my client. "

- Pierce about Stephen Gabriel

"My mentorship with Ricardo has helped me a lot in a small time window. There were many concepts I was confused about in JavaScript and React before starting my mentorship with Ricardo, but then he explained them to me, which made me more confident. Ricardo is able to break down complicated concepts and is patient when doing so. I am very glad I worked with him."

- Tarek about Ricardo Joson

"I am learning a lot everyday and have a clear vision of my goals. I have confidence that I will achieve them thanks to the discipline, dedication and patience I'm getting taught."

- Venkat about Adrianus Warmenhoven

"Was helpful and knowledgeable. Good response times and had plenty of experience in interview type scenarios. "

- James about Keith Brewster

"Gino is an amazing mentor. He has a genuine passion for what he does and offers years of experience to help guide you in the right direction."

- Alexander about Gino Toro

"thanks for your time and effort"

- Marco about Kartik Arora

"Yen-chieh always answers any coding questions I have, and he responds quickly. "

- Helen about Yen-chieh Huang

"I will highly recommend Aiden to others seeking a data science mentor."

- Weldon about Aiden Johnson

"Very helpful and went the extra mile to help a beginner like me."

- Domino about Abdulqahhar Aminujatto

"Hugo is really good mentor . Answered all my questions and and explained them to me and also shows you documentation!"

- Dante about Hugo Di Francesco

"Ankur has a great background as a developer, attention to detail and a vision of the whole picture. He is a supportive mentor and goes out of his normal time to help and give pointers to look at and study. I highly recommend Ankur as a mentor. Thank you very much!"

- Shweta about Ankur Agarwal

"Great. Katarina has amazing knowledge and can help getting around various real life problems in a Flutter app project."

- Lukasz about Katarina Sheremet

"Avi was organized and provided some great resources and tips."

- Vis about Avi Das

"Vishwa is the best mentor I have ever encountered in the software engineering field. He taught me how to improve my skills step by step and whenever I have doubts, he will explain it in detail, so I can easily understand. I'm glad that I met Vishwa, the mentor who unleashes my full potential."

- Max about Vishwa Mohan

"Great experience, through a sample project I learned a lot and lost the fear of learning new technologies. He will push your limits!"

- Kali Prasad about Deepanshu Setia

"Eric is an awesome motivator and an inspiring mentor and I'm really pleased with my experience with him as a mentor."

- Ahmed Isaac about Eric Crawford

"I count myself as one of the lucky few to have learned from Jon. He's an exceptional mentor who truly believes in his mentees and goes the extra mile to ensure their success."

- Michaela about Jonathan Lee

"Excellent, I highly recommend Pankaj!"

- Mack about Pankaj Kumar Singh

"I got so lucky with this match! Trace went above and beyond to help me build a backend for my application. Reaching out to Trace was the best decision I've made in a long time. He helped me a lot with some of the details, but most importantly he was patient, understanding, and extremely easy to talk to. Something I can't say for many other people in the industry."

- Mark about Trace Ohrt

"Sumit is very easy to talk to you and very knowledgeable! I loved working with him."

- Ellen about Sumit Pahwa

"Vishwa is a very intelligent and patient mentor. He guides me in overcoming algorithm questions, and I'm much more confident in performing coding interviews now."

- Max about Vishwa Mohan

"If you are struggling with computer science basics and want to score your dream job in tech, I strongly recommend Vishwa. His teaching strategies, notes, his conceptual understanding of basic computer science subjects like data structures, databases and distributed computing is phenomenal. If you are struggling with any of the interviews like problem solving or system design he is the one-stop solution for all."

- Sidhant about Vishwa Mohan

"The call with Anna was nice and she asked good questions. I got some actionable ideas from her."

- Kai about Anna Dzhilevych

"Taking a mentor is one of the best decisions I made this year. And I'm super lucky to have found Carlos, he is super dedicated, always here to answer my questions, very knowledgeable, fun and kind! Thanks to Carlos I feel that I can take any project and I will not be stuck, and learn anything deeply!"

- Alexandra about Carlos David Loureda Parrado

"Evie has a very engaging way about herself that helps make the mentor/mentee relationship work very well. Her knowledge of the C# language and .Net environment was immediately evident as she and I went through a screen share review of my code. So glad I found her on this site and I would encourage anyone else looking for a positive mentor to contact Evie."

- Richard about Evie Skinner

"Gus is a very great mentor! In less than 3 months, most of my team shared their perspective on how I have grown to become a better support system for them. Gus is no ordinary marketer, he's very effective with his communication, his approach are super practical and I bet you'll be blown away how he treats you as a person."

- Wisnu about Gus Veiga

"Very good and helpful mentor."

- Dmitry about Udara Weerasinghege

"I want to give my deep gratitude to Ricardo for mentoring me the last 3 months. It was very productive and challenging time for me. Ricardo was always available for the feedback and meetings, and pair programming sessions. He shared a lot of new ways how to gain new knowledge and skills with me, and some of them became a real game changers. I want to emphasise Ricardo's hands-on approach in teaching programming."

- Karzuan about Ricardo Joson

"Probably the best mentor on the platform if you want to do programming! Highly recommend. Vishwa's approach is that he will actually go through each step and will make sure that you learn what you need."

- Aleksei about Vishwa Mohan

"I like the way he teaches and he's very supportive all the time. Soon, I'm going to start building real-world projects thanks to Vishwa."

- Max about Vishwa Mohan

"Chris is great to work with -- he is knowledgeable and helpful with learning new things and with troubleshooting existing issues. I would definitely recommend working with him."

- Thacher about Chris Naismith

"Ludovico is very knowledgeable is Machine Learning, Data Science, overall math and python. He is always willing to help, explain difficult topics and always available for a call. I enjoy working and learning with him a lot. Looking forward to continue my learning journey with Ludovico."

- Tomas about Ludovico Bessi

"He gave me a new perspective and mindset on how to think about problems, products, customers, features etc. It's actionable so I can go and try the approach immediately. Based on this first interaction I can already recommend Pablo 100%"

- Kai about Pablo Garcia

"Raffaele is not only a talented Data Scientist; he is a great teacher. He has a very clear understanding and vision of the most important areas to focus on. This guidance helped me to become much more efficient in selecting the right technical skills and projects to focus on. I would highly recommend a mentorship with Raffaele for anyone interested in Data Science and Machine Learning."

- Jonathan about Raffaele Miele

"Carlos really helped me to jump into coding quickly. I feel more confident now."

- Natalia about Carlos David Loureda Parrado

"Archana in Awsome ! and patient !"

- Akshay about Archana Rao V

"Jatto is clear and concise in his guidance, and he strives to be always prompt to respond to my requests. Overall, I totally recommend him as a great person, developer and mentor!"

- Raz about Abdulqahhar Aminujatto

"My sessions with Farzad have always been a pleasure for me and our mentorship program was awesome. Thanks Farzad."

- Fabrice about Farzad YousefZadeh

"Alex is a fantastic mentor and I definitely recommend him to any Product manager or aspiring PMs. Alex worked with me on my resume since I wasn't getting any callbacks. The results were almost instantaneous as I got my 1st callback from a recruiter after only 2 hours of applying with the resume he helped me with. I can't recommend Alex enough."

- Arab about Alex Mitchell

"Arvid is a fantastic mentor knowledgable across the entire startup lifespan. He really takes the time to understand your product and offer help and ideas where he can — all with great enthusiasm. Recommended!"

- Steve about Arvid Kahl

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