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Best Answers to: "Walk Me Through Your Resume?"

Whether they are done virtually or in the traditional face-to-face setting, interviews can be nerve-wracking. No matter how well-prepared you think you are, the days leading up to the interview always bring up a variety of emotions.

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8 Essential Leadership Qualities in the Workplace

Transformation, development, and progression are all integral pieces of the business puzzle. At the helm of this ship, you will find a leader with the essential leadership qualities needed to help businesses grow and expand.

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Practical Answers to the Interview Question “Tell Me About a Time You Made a Mistake”

If you have an interview coming up for any role or organization whatsoever, there is a possibility that the recruiter will ask you this question about the time you’ve made a mistake.

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Using sales coaching to succeed

As the saying goes, education is a lifelong process. This is certainly true for salespeople, and even the most experienced practitioners can benefit from a tune-up in skills every now and then.

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What I Learned by Teaching Computer Vision in an AI Bootcamp

In July 2019 I was in a meeting with the CEO of where I received an offer to teach computer vision at their AI Engineer Bootcamp

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Sara Malvar – Meet the Mentor

Sara is a Research Software Engineer at Microsoft Research with 8+ years of experience in industry and academia. Besides having a Ph.D. in engineering and being a postdoctoral fellow for Shell, she has been working as a mentor and trying to engage people with data-driven solutions.

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6 Best Mentoring Platforms For Your Specific Needs

Learn everything you need to know on choosing the best mentoring platforms in 2021. Get matched with the right mentor for personal and professional growth.

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Entrepreneurs who have accumulated years of business experience and insights may be looking for ways to share their knowledge or venture into an online consultancy pathway.

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Top 10 interview coaching services in 2021

Looking for great interview coaches? Interviews are a great way to show a recruiter the best version of yourself and give them an insight into how you can help them. With a coach to guide you in your way, you can be assured of never messing up another interview!

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Hierarchy of Leadership

Often the words Leader, Manager, Coach and Mentor are used interchangeably to describe a person in a position of power. In reality, the four are part of the Hierarchy of Leadership.

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