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Alexander Sachs


Head of Innovation / Entrepreneur - codecentric AG

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i am Alex, currently head of innovation at a tech company and CEO at a tech startup which bootstraps small business ideas.
I am also teaching digital management at a university. I am currently supporting 5 startups as business angel to setup everything up fast and get going with the right tools and methods. In total i have over 10 years of experience in tech and teaching.
In my past i did many consulting jobs for various size projects from 5-150 people and in different roles, from developer to product owner/ scrum master.
My professional background is a masters degree in Computer Science + Mathematics and Sports.
I really love teaching and helping others become better and i am always happy if my students succeed with their goals.
I can help you with startup advice, bootstrapping businesses, career choices, personal growth or hard decisions in general.

Not convinced yet? Don't worry and just reach out. I will not charge anything before we have discussed how we want to work together and if it really fits.
Hope to see you in a session :) .

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