Hi! I'm Filip :)
I am a Senior Brand & Visual designer at Mimo. At least that's what my LinkedIn profile says, but the reality it's a bit broader :)

At Mimo I've built the foundations of Mimo brand and Mimo Design System, and now I am making sure everything is inline and looks & feels perfect. From brand, I naturally shifted to product and UX but always keeping eye on UI and all visual elements. Oh wait, you don't know what Mimo is? Mimo is a cool mobile coding app with multiple awards and a few millions of users! Check getmimo.com :)

Besides Mimo I recently founded my small personal project called Drawer. It's a market place with high-quality digital resources for startup owners, designers & developers.

What I can help you with?
From many years of my professional experience, I learned that good and relevant feedback is super important for personal and professional growth. I was lucky because I have worked with amazing design leaders from the beginning of my career, who learned me so much, but that's not everyone's case right? That's why I would like to step in and help you. I believe that after years and a ton of projects I am able to give relevant feedback and mentor you to become a better designer.

Let's work together!

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