Open to help anyone from any walk of life. I believe that only with hard work, perseverance and a positive attitude you can deliver good work.
My career has been always around IT & Digital, working in Consulting firms (small and large), Marketing Agencies and Client.

Throughout my professional experiences, I worked across multiple industries (FMCG, Lifesciences, Automotive, others) and many different companies, which led me to have quite a broad view of do's and dont's across them.

I currently perform a dual-role. On one hand, I'm a Solutions Manager, supporting the conceptualization and strategy definition for other early-stage projects, on the other hand as an EMEA Product Lead, I'm now growing a B2C subscription service in the Automotive space.

I love to help people to achieve their potential, and I truly believe in the power of mentoring, having been in the mentor position and mentee (with different business leaders that crossed my career path).

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