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Mary Mazi


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Software Engineer - Andela

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I am a software engineer with 3+ years working experience in web development. My interests are in these four areas I believe are important in having a working web application - the frontend and backend (Dev), infrastructure to run the app on (Ops), and tests that validate that all is well and good, with nothing broken (Testing). I love building out end-to-end features; my primary language is JavaScript, and I work with ReactJS, Redux, NodeJS, and Express. I also work with GCP, Linux, WebdriverIO, Cucumber.js, etc.

If you have particular needs in these areas - whether you are starting out new and need some guidance with fundamentals, working on a project and need help, want to hone your skills or want to talk through a possible career plan, I'll be happy to work with you.

Mary mentored me to build a complete full-stack application with ExpressJS, MongoDB, and ReactJS. She is very knowledgeable and attentive to details.

Testimonial by Abibou from December 2020
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