Philippe Julien

Senior Data Scientist @ King

 Usually responds in a few hours

I am a versatile data scientist with experience in very diverse environments ranging from the gaming industry to research in computational biology. I have a strong experience with tools such as R, Python, SQL, statistics, machine learning, programming or business analytics. I am willing to help aspiring or early-stage data scientists to level up their skills and to learn how to use them to successfully conduct a wide range of data science projects. In concrete, I can help with:
- Project conduction questions: stuck with a project? Not sure on how to choose the best method? Let's discuss this!
- Career related topics: Job hunting strategy, mock interviews, feedback resume/CV
- Development plan: let's establish a plan to determine which skills you should develop to give a boost to your career or personal development
- Business analytics: helping you to understand how to transfer your hard skills to a business environment
- Portfolio development: how to choose and conduct projects that will be able to showcase and help you get some visibility or a job?

I am goal-oriented and, therefore, I expect to set up an action plan at the end of each of our meetings so that you have a clear objective to work on.

I offer weekly catch ups of around 45 minutes around one or two specific topics via videoconference. I am located in EU but also have an understanding of the tech scene in the US as well. If you are from the US, make sure how time zone are compatible (e.g no meeting ending later than 12pm CEST).

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