Rosie Sherry

Community Builder @ Rosie Land

Hey there.

I discovered community building some 15 years ago and I have been hooked ever since. This is the core of what I've been doing since.

Along the way I've also been super interested in startups and business. I founded and boot strapped Ministry of Testing, a community focused on software testing. It's now a global community with online and offline (conferences + meetups) activities.

I stepped back from Ministry of Testing in 2019 to lead the community over at Indie Hackers.

My core skills lie within community building with an entrepreneurial spirit.

To do this, as you must with any community, I've taken a hands on attitude:
* figuring out how to grow
* handling all marketing
* zero ad spend
* growing ethically
* building community: managing, moderating, connecting people, etc
* connecting with people, writing, communicating, empathising
* coming up with relevant actionable ideas and plans
* building a remote team, and of course working remotely
* focusing on getting things done
* logistics of building a business
* coming up with good ideas, at least sometimes :)

As a mentor I can offer:
* one 1 hr monthly call per month
* option to send me questions at anytime and I promise to respond within a reasonable timeframe

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