Dr. Irina Kukuyeva is a fractional Chief Data Officer, helping companies grow by advising on product, data and analytics strategy to develop customer-centric, data-driven products with market fit. She has 10 years of experience collaborating with technical and business/clinical stakeholders, developing and productionalizing machine learning models for start-ups and large-sized companies in areas of healthcare, IoT, fashion, hospitality, social media, online advertising, market research and online advertising.

She has mentored 30+ data professionals since 2013 and trained 1000+ industry professionals on topics in data science and software development. Irina holds a PhD in Statistics from UCLA, where she developed a novel image compression algorithm and uncovered similarities between two storms on Jupiter -- a finding confirmed by NASA’s Juno mission.

She shares advice for aspiring/current data professionals on her blog: https://www.ikukuyeva.com/blog

All skill levels and backgrounds welcome. You need to be passionate about data, be willing to work independently, tell me how you learn best to grow in your career as a DS/MLE.

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