Mottakin Chowdhury

Software Engineer II @ Ex Senior SWE @ Grab | Author @ Educative | Technical blogger @ Medium | Passionate about backend engineering
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I am a Software Engineer II at, one of the largest travel companies in the world. Before joining here, I was working as a Senior Software Engineer at Grab, the largest delivery, mobility, financial and enterprise services company in South-East Asia.

In my career so far, I have always been working as a backend engineer. I have experience in designing and building distributed systems at high scale, and developing microservices and backend systems from scratch.

I have a personal blog at Medium where I sometimes write stuff I find interesting, specially about tech. This is my blog:

For the last one year, I have been working on publishing a course with ( on fundamentals of distributed systems. The course is in the last stage of development.

In the past, I have mentored people I have worked with. It is an exhilarating experience to see them succeed to reach their goals under my guidance. Not only that, I have always felt that my knowledge is firmer when I share. This is what brought me to the platform - to mentor new people, and also to create a new network.

I can help you with career decisions, technical interviews (both system design and coding interviews), standard coding practices, promotions in tech, good engineering culture, and overall growth as an engineer.

At Grab, I learned how to grow as an engineer while pushing for a promotion to a senior role. When I decided to switch to a different company, I interviewed with Meta, Amazon, Microsoft, and I put rigorous effort for preparing, and quite fortunately, I managed to crack all of the interviews.

If you are in need of help in progressing your career, both from technical and growth perspective, I can certainly help you. I am looking forward to sharing my experience and knowledge with you so that you can excel in your career ahead!



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