Natalia Kasprzyk

Senior Agile Coach & Personal Coach @ PayPal
Nearly 10 years in tech product sector and coaching & mentoring leaders.
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Hi! 👋
Are you interested in companies development or maybe you are actually the owner of the company? You want to grow your skills in building multidisciplinary teams which will be able to create competitive product in that challenging market and maximize value and impact for the customers? Or maybe you want to learn how to support people so that they can thrive and develop professionally? 🤔💪

Or actually you are looking for your own next growth step? Work abroad? Grow as Product Manager or leader? Or you do not know and you want to find out? 🙌

I am Natalia and I would be happy to support you in growing your skills and knowledge around the above and more. I am having nearly 10 years in tech product sector and coaching & mentoring people. I've been working in different countries, companies in different growth phase, with people who perform different roles - currently, I am working in PayPal.
My job is one of my biggest passion! Bringing best out of people, building teams that create products which bring some value to the world and money for the company, deep diving into business strategy and how to best serve it! I am customer focus and impact-oriented person.

I am super curious to learn more about you and how I can support you or your company on growth path! 🙌
If you want to hear more about me and my work from people who I worked with, check out my Linkedin profile.
And let's have a talk!