My goal is to help YOU achieve your career goals! I am passionate about providing guidance to enable others to reach their full potential and will do everything I can to facilitate your success and growth.

I'm currently working as a Backend Software Engineer at Stripe and am using the opportunity to learn about how to succeed at a large (and growing) engineering driven tech company. Before Stripe, I worked at Recursion Pharmaceuticals, a successful artificial intelligence biotech startup. At Recursion, I mentored junior engineers, interviewed job candidates, and led impactful projects. My experience spanning small startups and large tech companies gives me valuable insight about how to succeed in different environments.

I attended the University of Utah and had a great experience. This time at university taught me what skills are most important for current students to focus on to set themselves up for later success.

I'm specifically looking to mentor engineers in the first few years of their career, students at the university level, bootcamp graduates, or anyone who is looking for a mentor like me! Whether you're looking to grow your technical knowledge and abilities, get past the resume screen and interview rounds, or level up within your current role, I'd love to help you on your journey. Don't hesitate to reach out, happy to chat anytime!

I'm fluent in Spanish and happy to make my schedule work with any timezone.



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