Rene Schultz

Owner @ Repat LLC
New Zealand Active 2 months ago


I'm Rene from Hamburg, Germany and currently live in Wellington, NZ.
I've worked in the startup space as a full-time software developer, freelancer, technical advisor, director of engineering and gone through the Techstars accelerator program as a co-founder.
Currently, I'm the director of engineering for a Singaporean med-tech startup.
I'm also a certified Laravel developer and have been working with this amazing framework for the last 5y. I'm passionate about solid software design and using the latest tools and best practices.
I've been mentored by some amazing people and would like to give back and pass on what I've learned. I've also been traveling for a few years while working remotely (pre 2020) and can give advice on all things remote work, like WFH, hiring etc.


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