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Andreas Fötschl – Meet the Mentor

As a seasoned entrepreneur, solution architect and full-stack developer, I specialize in creating innovative, user-friendly applications. My experience also spans Generative AI to build intelligent solutions. I'm committed to delivering impactful software solutions.
Andreas Fötschl

Expert in XR, AI, and Healthcare Solutions, HEPIUS Software

Why did you decide to become a mentor?

I realized that mentoring is a powerful way to give back to the tech community that has given me so much. It provides an opportunity to help budding developers and innovators navigate the complex landscape of technology, turning their ideas into reality. Mentoring has also positively impacted my career by broadening my perspective and deepening my understanding of diverse challenges and solutions. It has pushed me to stay updated with the latest advancements and continuously refine my skills. Signing up as a mentor has proven to be one of the most rewarding aspects of my professional life.

How did you get your career start?

My career in software development began with a solid educational foundation in Applied Computer Science at the University of Salzburg, where I completed my Bachelor of Science and Masters degrees. Early in my career, I had the opportunity to work as a software developer at Sony DADC, focusing on JSP development and various Java frameworks. This role honed my technical skills and provided invaluable experience in software engineering for international clients, including developing UMD-Video Menus for the PlayStation Portable. A pivotal moment in my career was joining Wikitude GmbH, where I co-developed the pioneering Wikitude App during the early days of Android. Over my decade-long tenure, I advanced from Head of Android Development to Director of Solution Architecture, shaping the user experience and coordinating technical assessments with key strategic partners. My journey was significantly influenced by mentors and colleagues who provided guidance and inspiration, particularly during complex projects like IBMSeer for Wimbledon and the Australian Open. These experiences, combined with a passion for innovation and a commitment to continuous learning, paved the way for my current roles as the CEO of HEPIUS Software and CTO of a stealth startup. Each step of my career has been marked by a dedication to leveraging cutting-edge technology to create user-friendly solutions, driving me to pursue a Ph.D. in Medical Science to further integrate technology with healthcare.

What do mentees usually come to you for?

Mentees typically seek my guidance when they are looking to upgrade their technical skills, considering founding their own startup, or need advice on complex technical topics outside their expertise. My mentorship approach is structured and tailored to each mentee’s needs, starting with an initial assessment to understand their goals, challenges, and current skill level. This allows me to create a customized roadmap for their development. Mentees can expect a supportive and collaborative environment where they receive hands-on guidance and some practical insights. I provide feedback on their projects, share industry best practices, my gut feelings, and offer strategic advice on navigating the tech landscape. For those interested in startups, I help them validate their ideas, develop MVPs, and understand the intricacies of building a sustainable business. For skill enhancement, I mainly focus on introducing them to the latest technologies and methodologies. I aim to empower mentees so they can bring their visions to life.

What's been your favourite mentorship success story so far?

One of my most rewarding mentorship experiences involved a junior engineer who initially lacked confidence in his leadership abilities and vision. When he first approached me, he viewed himself strictly as a technical contributor, saying, "I am not a leader." Through our mentorship, I focused on enhancing his technical skills and building his confidence and leadership capabilities. We worked closely on several projects, where I provided guidance on both the technical and strategic aspects. He gradually increased his comfort with leadership roles. Over time, his confidence grew, and he began to see himself as more than just an engineer. Today, he is considering founding his startup, with plans to develop digital products on a global scale. Witnessing his transformation from a self-doubting junior engineer to a confident aspiring entrepreneur has been incredibly fulfilling. His journey is a testament to the impact of mentorship and the potential for growth when someone is given the right support and encouragement. This experience reinforced my belief in the importance of nurturing both technical and soft skills in my mentees.

What are you getting out of being a mentor?

After each mentoring session, I feel energized and inspired, as these interactions do not drain my energy but rather energize me. It's similar to taking a refreshing coffee break, where I gain new perspectives and insights from my mentees. Professionally, being a mentor has significantly enhanced my leadership qualities and confidence. Guiding others through their challenges and helping them achieve their goals has reinforced my own problem-solving skills and strategic thinking. It has also expanded my network and kept me at the forefront of emerging technologies and trends, as I continuously learn and adapt to provide the best possible advice and support. On a personal level, the satisfaction of seeing my mentees grow and succeed is truly rewarding. Mentoring has made my career more fulfilling and has positively impacted my overall outlook on life, reinforcing the value of continuous learning and collaboration.

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