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Gain access to a global talent pool and exclusive references from our expert mentors for your openings in Engineering, Design, Management, Machine Learning and more.
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Why choose us as hiring partner?

Operating globally

With mentees and mentors located in over 50 countries, we are able to find candidates in any regions and timezones you operate in.


All our suggestions come with one or multiple references from one of our top-rated mentors. No guessing needed!

Accessible talent

We know each talent we recommend to you from our own network. We can ramp up your search quickly, while still keeping our quality standards.

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How does the process work?



Submit your detailed hiring requirements to use, and we'll start scouting for a top talent immediately.



We get in touch with available talent and their mentors to work out whether there's a fit between them and your requirements.



Within 30 days, we return a full report with 1 - 3 talents, their detailed references and portfolios. You only pay on hire.

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Take the guessing game out of hiring.

As a remote-first operation, we know how hard it is to hire the right people. Build confidence in the candidates you're inviting, with verified feedback and a hands-on partner.