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Gain access to a global talent pool and exclusive references from our expert mentors for your openings in software development and engineering.
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Your new global hiring partner?

With a network of hundreds of developers, designers and junior managers all over the world, MentorCruise is the perfect partner for your hiring needs.

cheaper price-per-hire

More confidence for your next hire

Find it hard to make an informed decision off some CVs and recommendation letters? Our network talents come with references, suggestions and full profiles created by our industry-expert mentors. This means you get more insights and a true second opinion on everyone we propose.

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Cut down your time-to-hire by 80%

While placement companies might have a loose network and cold contacts they can reach out to, we have all our talent accessible and ready to get hired!

This means that while recruiting agencies and placement offices often can't commit to a timeline, we can send you over profiles in a week or less.

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Hiring doesn't need to be a major cost

The average cost-per-hire with recruitment agencies is over $20,000, even HR preparing for a new full-time hire is going to cost you upwards of $10,000 and a lot of time.

Our incentives are aligned – we want to get our network hired. That's why you're only going to pay about a third in hiring fees compared to major recruitment networks. One monthly salary, to be exact.

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Stop the guessing game in your hiring.

We know how hard it is to hire the right people. Build confidence in the candidates you're inviting, with verified feedback and a hands-on partner.