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Ayush Kalani


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Senior Software Engineer - PayPal

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I am a backend engineer with 4 years of experience in full-stack development, system design, and architecture for micro-service based cloud-native applications. I was also the founder of a startup, wherein I was leading a team of 5 engineers in the role of CTO. I am proficient in Java, Ruby/Rails, Javascript, Redis, MongoDB/SQL/Memcached/Docker. I handle DevOps, CI/CD, Jenkins, and pipelines using AWS/Cloudfoundry, and I am an AWS certified solutions architect - Associate.

Currently, I am doing a post-transaction analysis for fraud and spam detection in PayPal. Processing 760 million transactions per day and reporting fraudulent transactions to Compliance team.

You should have me as a mentor if you are thinking about
1. how to get your first tech job
2. how to think about hard problems
3. how to ace phone, whiteboard technical interviews
4. how to break down complex systems
5. how to build SaaS products

Ayush puts in a lot of effort and is very helpful.

Testimonial by Zeren from August 2020
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