Felix Kleine Bösing

Machine Learning Engineer @ Accenture

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5.0 (16 reviews)

I have 3+ years of professional experience in Data Science and Machine Learning Engineering and worked for several branches (Finance, Industry, FMCG, Automotive, etc.). I am an ambitious practitioner with a lot of experience from small Proof of Concepts to production-ready implementations and deployment, who is also proficient in the theoretical foundation of Machine/Deep Learning and stochastic processes. I am most advanced in NLP (especially seq2seq), Reinforcement Learning and Machine Learning in general (Decision Trees as well as Neural Networks).

I already work voluntary as a Mentor (Data Science/AI) for TechLabs e.V. which helps students to learn the basics of either ML/DS/Web Dev/UX. I am now in my 5th semester of supporting them to conceptualize and carry out small projects in one of the mentioned tracks. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with beginners and advanced Machine Learning Enthusiasts. Therefore, I don't take any payment.

What students say

"Felix has been a great mentor so far. He has been so helpful in showing me what I need to learn and even sends resources for the topics. It has saved a lot of time, as I no longer have to worry what I need to be doing. He helps with real-world projects for me to work on and offers support throughout them. Looking forward to continuing to work with Felix, highly recommend."
Elliot, February 2021
5 stars
"Felix is an amazing mentor whom I can wholeheartedly recommend! He was always helpful when I had a question, and he reviewed my work and gave me great tips how to improve it. The perfect mentor for anyone who needs guidance."
Kamil, April 2021
5 stars
"The learning experience with Felix has been awesome so far. He's had the patience to give me just enough help to solve the small 'road blocks' on my own, as well as helping me develop the scope of my learning capabilities with big projects. I couldn't ask for more!"
Vinicius, February 2021
5 stars
"Felix has been quite support. Thank you!"
Idris, March 2021
5 stars
Filip, April 2021
5 stars
"Felix is very supportive."
Idris, April 2021
5 stars

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