I started my working life as a professional athlete in the German Handball Bundesliga, where I played 6 years. Then, I started a desk job as campaign manager SEM for Unister in Leipzig Germany, handling large budgets. A few months later I was asked to built out the BeNeLux region as a Country Manager BeNeLux. As a Country Manager I built and executed the strategy to expand our travel product to my countries, there I was also first introduced to leading a team.

2 Years later Airbnb gave me a call and asked if I was interested in working for them. I moved to Berlin and became a growth marketer. As usually the case with hypergrowth companies, my role changed and expanded every few months or so. Nowadays I'm the growth marketing lead for all of EMEA.

Coming from sports, I've had many great coaches and mentors along the way, without even realizing it. Nowadays it has become a second nature to me to try and make the most out of myself, and also of the people around me. I hope I can do for others what my mentors and coaches have done for me.

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