Mariana Pimenta

Executive Coach. EdTech Founder. @ MaxiCareerCoaching and LinkedEnglish

As an executive coach, I have helped over 200 executives with almost 2000 hours of paid coaching. I help them design a 5-year-plan and execute it weekly. 98% of them find me via word of mouth or via organizations I partner with. They tell me they leave our sessions more inspired to make decisions and take action toward their dreams. With the online language schools I founded, I helped over 2000 executives from over 50 organizations learn languages and improve their communication skills. My background is in Business Administration, People, Education, and Sales.

I enjoy building, leading, and motivating teams in fast-growing environments. I have been developing my management skills as an entrepreneur for +25 years. I have strong communication and public speaking skills. I have a passion for working in the digital industry with EdTech and Professional Coaching, developing strategies for myself and for my clients. I'm good at aligning short-term and long-term objectives. Building trust relations with clients, key partners, and potential stakeholders inspires me. I enjoy analyzing problematic situations and inviting key people to help find solutions to ensure the organization and its people's survival and growth.

My work mission is to build a healthier digital work future for everyone. With more freedom, clarity, generosity, and energy. Freedom to work and learn from wherever we feel more productive. The clarity to know what we want. The generosity to share what we learn with those around us. And the energy to get there enjoying each step of the way.

I was born in Brazil, raised in the US and I live in Spain for 6-8 months each year so I usually work and am fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. As a digital nomad mom, I have been enjoying the freedom of working remotely from different countries with startups and renowned organizations.

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