Mariana Pimenta
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Executive Coach. Agile. Change Management. EdTech Founder. People driven. Digital Nomad Mom. MBA.PCC.DASM.PROSCI.HOGAN. @ MaxiCareerCoaching and LinkedEnglish

I have helped over 500 executives from all continents with almost 3000 hours of paid coaching. For 27 years, my job has been to ask my clients and their team members powerful questions. I help them explore what they really want, design a 5-year-plan and execute it weekly. Most of my contracts are executive coaching, agile business coaching, and change management coaching.

My background is in Business Administration, People, Project Management, Education, and Sales. I enjoy building, leading, and motivating teams in fast-growing agile environments. I have a passion for working in the digital industry.

As a digital nomad mom, I have been enjoying the freedom of working remotely since 2013 from different countries with leaders, startups, and renowned organizations. I was born in Brazil, raised in the US and I am based in Spain. I work(native) in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

I love helping my clients design the change strategies for their professional lives, for their teams and translate them into actionable weekly steps connected to their timeline.

My work mission is to build a healthier work future. How? Inviting executives and business leaders, via questions, to reflect on how they can develop and improve themselves and their teams with more freedom, clarity, generosity, and energy.

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