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Stefan Velev New Mentor


Art Director/Founder - Aretรฉ Creative Agency

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I'm a graphic designer, art director and entrepreneur from Sofia, Bulgaria.

I started a creative agency in 2014 in hopes of helping brands find and create their unique style and understand that design plays a vital role in everything they do and offer to clients. Design-wise I've concentrated (but not limited) my work in visual identity design.

Despite the fact that I come from a small country, Iโ€™ve worked with companies all over the world, such as UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, UAB and many more.

As for the business side of things, I strive to create small, but significant companies, offering unique and quality products and services to the Bulgarian (and soon not only) market. Apart from the creative agency, I've started a unique greeting cards business called Milo (meaning "kind" in English, which is an ironic take on the name), offering sarcastic, fun and sometimes offensive cards, made in collaboration with other designers and illustrators. My next move was building a start-up renting out smart hashtag printers for all kinds of events to direct clients and working in collaboration with different advertising and event agencies.

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