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Alexandre Azevedo

Founder @ The Traction Stage
Mentor of early-stage startups
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For early-stage startup founders who need to define priorities, and speed up execution.

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Hi there, I'm Alex. 👋

For many years, I worked in the Corporate Finance department of a big multinational company. Yes, a very methodical environment with a ton of big responsibilities.

But, as time went by, I got my eyes on a different place: entrepreneurship---more specifically startup development. The art & science of turning a disruptive idea into a successful business was something too enticing for me to resist.

So, after some years of studying and practicing (yes, I took my shots too), I decided to quit my corporate job and dedicate my full time and energy to this new passion.

Since then, I've been working hard---through my mentoring sessions as well as the content I produce---to help early-stage startup founders understand their roles, make the best decisions, and act consistently.

So, if you're looking for one or more of the options below, we definitely might be a great fit:

🗓 DEFINE YOUR NEXT STEPS: you have a limited number of hours in your week. I'll help you laser-focus your time and energy in order to speed up your startup's progress

🧠 BRAINSTORM NEW POSSIBILITIES: sometimes you just get stuck. Coming and going with the same kind of ideas. I'll help you generate different ideas to increase your chances to find something that really works.

✔️ BEING ACCOUNTABLE: I see every day how founders benefit from having someone on their side (asking about their tasks' progress and deadlines, as well as helping them with overcoming the execution hurdles). I'll help you by being your accountability partner.

📚 UNDERSTAND AND PRACTICE KEY STARTUP DEVELOPMENT CONCEPTS: oh, there is so much to learn about startups! But, don't freak out because I'll present you with the right frameworks at the right time.

Questions? Connect with me on LinkedIn 👇 and send me all of them! :)

P.S. BTW, this is my website: https://thetractionstage.com/

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