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Anika Mukherji

Senior Software Engineer/Site Reliability Engineer @ hu.ma.ne
lifelong learner, teacher, friend. also an engineer
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Hi! So glad you stumbled upon my profile!

My name is Anika, and I am currently a Senior Software Engineer at a tech start up. Previously, I was at a big tech company as an API Performance Engineer and a Senior Site Reliability Engineer. I consider myself a generalist who can pick up new skills quickly, and I love to work with excited, motivated people. Becoming a senior engineer at two tech companies by age 25 has taught me a ton about how to hit the ground running, accelerate your career, chase after your goals, and communicate effectively.

I have tons of experience mentoring both university students and professionals through their start in the tech industry, career changes, team/management shifts, and promotions. I also stay very involved in diversity in tech initiatives - I strongly believe there is a place for *everyone* in the tech industry. Mentorship is something I am super passionate about (having been both a mentor and mentee for many years now), and I love to help others ascend towards their goals.

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