Hey I'm Daniel!
I worked at Meta for 4 years where I was a top interviewer during my time there(3 years FB Live, 1 year oculus).

I'm self taught, and I went from 0 programming experience to competing offers Google and Facebook.
I'm an expert on Big Tech interviews, I've built several resources including the Algorithm Grading Rubric: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gy9cmPwNhZvola7kqnfY3DElk7PYrz2ARpaCODTp8Go/edit#gid=0
and I post frequently on my blog: https://fangprep.substack.com/

I'm the founder of Hackpack.io which is the most active community of engineers preparing for Big Tech Interviews. We've placed engineers at Google, Snap, FB, and more!

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