I'm George Beverley. By day, I'm an Insights Director at a UX Research and CRO Consultancy. The Audience Detective is my alter-ego.

How did I get here?

I trained as a designer and worked in marketing as a creative in London’s Ashland. I saw how research played a huge role in unlocking insights that fuelled brand and product growth. I designed my first website at the dawn of www in 1996. It was awful!

Later I went into digital marketing and learnt about data and channels. All this experience was teaching me valuable lessons.

UX Research is the secret big brands keep to themselves. I started lecturing and sharing what I learnt. Now I want to work closely with people like you.

UX Research sounds daunting, but what if you saw it differently? Like a detective solving a case? Using data, observing behaviour and talking to people? You're building a case.

This is how I like to approach my work. Taking what can be a complex subject and viewing it from another perspective.

Skills I cover are research, persona development, wireframing, value proposition and prototype testing.

Thanks for reading.

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