Mohammed Munem

Principal Cloud Consultant @ Daemon
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A Principal Cloud Architect with a focus on AWS. Ex-AWS (3.5+ years) and experienced mentor. Loves innovation and change. Positive mindset. Infectious enthusiasm. Are you on the hunt for an experienced mentor who:

- is a clear communicator (and native English speaker)
- can help you navigate the opportunities available to you in your career
- is passionate about developing next gen. engineers and architect
- can coach you for interviews with top firms incl. Amazon/AWS
- will support you in onboarding into your new role
- will help you make an impact in your role
- can provide writing tips for your thought leadership pieces.

*About me*
- Over 20 years of experience in the IT industry with the last 8 years in Enterprise Cloud Transformation
- Not "born in the cloud" so comfortable bringing the on-prem folk along on an org's cloud journey
- Worked as a Proserv Consultant in AWS Professional with exposure to demanding enterprise customers.
- Certifications: AWS SAA, AWS SA Pro, AWS Security Specialty, AWS Networking Specialty, Terraform Associate
- 3 yrs+ Experience as a VMware and Cisco Academy instructor

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