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MentorCruise is an independent education platform with the goal to connect you with the mentor you deserve.

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Independent, bootstrapped,
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MentorCruise isn't built by a big corporation. It was initially built by a single person, on weekends and evenings. Nowadays, we consider MentorCruise to be powered by our over 300 mentors worldwide, but we stay a one-person core team, bootstrapped from the ground up.

Dominic Monn

"Young professionals and students often try to reach out to more experienced people for mentorship, but the chances of getting ignored are high.

'Mentorship isn't formal, it evolves naturally' - is a common thing you might hear. However, if you are in need for help, this comment is incredibly discouraging.

So I decided to build mentorship in the most formal way possible: a marketplace."

- Dominic Monn, Founder of MentorCruise

Humble beginnings, a big vision.

We grow with small steps - and that's fine! Ultimately, we'd like to transform the way people learn new skills and grow into new careers. If we manage to improve our education, we make a valuable contribution to all other problems that need solving.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

We are strong believers that education in some way should be accessible to everyone. Since 2018 - our first year - we were able to help over 1,000 people find a mentor. We hope that we can do even more in the future!