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Felix Huang – Meet the Mentor

Felix is a Growth Marketer based in Vancouver, Canada. Over the past few years, he’s managed and led performance marketing programs for leading mobile apps across digital health, mobile gaming, and travel. Felix is currently a Senior User Acquisition Manager at Hopper, a travel booking app.
Felix Huang

Senior User Acquisition Manager, Hopper

Why did you decide to become a mentor?
I’m someone who thinks a lot (maybe overthinks) about their career and I was always seeking mentorship early in my career.

I think there’s a myth that with mentorship, you’ll get this golden insight or perspective that will help solve all of your problems. This happens sometimes, but more often than not the value you get as a mentee is affirming certain perspectives or career decisions. The mental benefit of just being sure you’re not making a crazy career decision is underrated!

As I’ve gained more experience, I’ve enjoyed being on the other side of the mentee/mentor relationship. Marketing is a very broad discipline, and being able to really help others with their career is a great feeling.

How did you get your career start?
I was a marketing major in university. What really helped me get started was joining my university’s co-op program where I was able to do multiple internships and gain work experience including working at Adidas’ headquarters in Germany.

After graduating, I was accepted into a marketing rotation program at Telus, a large telco here in Canada. It was a two program where I got to work on multiple marketing teams within the organization and figure out what kind of marketing roles I really enjoyed (and didn’t enjoy). This led me to pursue roles focusing on digital and performance marketing which I was most passionate about.

It can be very tempting to commit to one particular marketing specialization early on in one’s career(brand management, advertising, digital marketing etc). But I found having a broader marketing background is a real benefit because you have more perspective on how different marketing programs work together to holistically grow a business.

What do mentees usually come to you for?
Most of the mentees that I’ve had come to see me for career advice, job search (resume/cover letter/interview prep), or marketing advice specific to digital/performance marketing. Given the broad range of needs, I like to develop a personalized and tailored mentorship plan for each of my mentees.

Typically the first session is an introduction and getting to know each other. Then we align on what our mentorship goals are and what success would look like for the mentee. Afterwards, we set up a meeting cadence and track how we’re progressing towards our goals.

Most recently I helped a mentee navigate a job, prep for multiple interviews and ultimately land a new role!

What are you getting out of being a mentor?
Being a mentor on Mentorcruise has been a ton of fun! I’ve been able to meet and help mentees from all over the world who I probably wouldn’t get the chance to interact with otherwise.

It always feel great when you’re able to help another person and being able to share in a mentee’s career success is hugely rewarding.

Personally, I’ve also gained a lot of useful skills from being a mentor. I think I’m a better listener and can better empathize with others in my day job and personal life. Also seeing mentees share similar challenges that you’ve faced before puts things in perspective. Nothing is ever as daunting or scary as it seems in the moment.

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