Five Upcoming JavaScript Libraries to contribute to in 2019

Published June 24, 2019

Open-Source code gets pushed every single day. In some cases, code is so useful to others, that the project gains popularity and evolves into a useful library, used by many others. In this article, we handpicked a few exciting, fast growing JavaScript Libraries of this year. We did this before for Python - check it out if you haven’t already.

Five Upcoming JavaScript Libraries to contribute to in 2019

Disclaimer: These libraries aren’t simply the biggest, most-starred JavaScript repositories. We hand-picked these with a focus on growth, documentation, completeness and decided to exclude libraries that are either backed by large corporations, are one-off POC projects or not open for contributers


Created: March 2019

Stars: 6,000+

Forks: 270+


Lax.js is a tiny (3kb) library, that creates a smooth animation when you scroll. Scroll animations are popular for many applications, including but not limited to one-site landing pages, product pages and even HTML5 games.

In many cases, these libraries are heavy and slow, so Lax.JS is a welcome differentiation to other, long-held staples in this area.

The project is somewhat active, at the moment of writing, the last commit was already one month ago, but there are a few feature requests and issues - time to jump in!


Created: May 2019

Stars: 3,700+

Forks: 280+


Gitfolio is a beautiful personal page creator, powered by GitHub and Github Pages. The project will take the info of your GitHub account and create a personal portfolio page, similar to this one.

Apart from that, Gitfolio also allows you to publish a blog on your personal page, turning your GitHub-portfolio into a real personal site.

This project is under active development, commits are being pushed week-by-week, and there are a few issues up for grabs. Interesting for any front-end or JS dev.


Created: February 2019

Stars: 3,100+

Forks: 160+


nsfwjs is a client-side implementation of a NSFW detector, powered by Tensorflow.JS.

The implementation is able to differentiate between neutral images, pornographic imagery and drawings, making it a great application for any service that allows user-generated content.

Especially if you’re looking to get started with Deep Learning, this is a great project too. There are open issues related to the demo, loading and frontend, but also ideas to make the network better.


Created: January 2019

Stars: 2,700+

Forks: 72+


As the name suggests, this library makes things shiny. In more detail, this library tracks the motions of your mobile device, to simulate real-looking reflections. A great wow-effect for any website!

Naturally, working with device sensors and physics can be challenging, so there are some issues up on the repository that have to do with compatibility and other things. If you’re looking to get involved with a library that is a little more on the unusual, but exciting side, this is for you.

Medium to own Blog

Created: May 2019

Stars: 2,700+

Forks: 75+


Not a lot to say here. Many people are moving away from Medium due to it’s network effects and pushing of membership strategy. This script allows you to pull all content from medium, and pushing it to a self-hosted blog.

The self-hosted blog looks not much unlike a medium profile, but your content belongs to you and can be edited easily.

This repository is extremely new (at the time of writing, the first commit was 25 days ago), so any help is appreciated. There is a lot of growth potential here!