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From Herbal Beginnings to Mentorship: The Evolution of My Entrepreneurial Journey

Journey through the birth of SOS Remedies, my foundational stepping stone that paved the way to mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs. Witness the lessons and passion that now fuel my guidance.
Stephanie Sopho

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From a Whiff of Herbal Remedies to a Leap of Faith: My SOS Remedies Journey

Embrace the journey, even if the path is unknown. 

A decade has flown by since that November morning in 2013, marking the inception of Stephanie's Organic Skincare Remedies, fondly known as SOS Remedies. Fresh from university with a Computer Science degree in hand, I stood at a pivotal juncture in life. While many ventured into well-charted territories, my heart sought a different rhythm, a path less travelled, one that resonated with my deepest passions.

Working at a herbal remedy store, I was like a kid in a candy shop. The allure of nature's magic, the stories behind each remedy, and the frequent requests for soaps were like signposts pointing me in a new direction. And so, with a mix of naive enthusiasm and a dash of rebellion against the conventional, I decided to dive into the world of organic skincare.

Crafting that first soap for SOS Remedies wasn't a walk in the park. It was more like a dance, with steps forward, stumbles, and a few twirls. Six attempts in, and voila! A soap bar that looked and felt just right. That bar was more than just soap; it was a symbol of persistence, of passion, and of a dream taking shape.

The Story Behind the Name: SOS Remedies

Choosing a business name is never a straightforward task. It's a blend of personal connection, market appeal, and a dash of creativity. For me, the journey to naming my brand was as memorable as the inception of the business itself.

The acronym "SOS" often signifies a cry for help, a beacon in times of distress. But for me, it held a dual meaning. Not only did it represent "Stephanie's Organic Skincare," but it also symbolized the essence of my brand – providing a natural remedy, a rescue for skin in need.

The process of finalizing this name was both exciting and daunting. I remember the train journey from Brighton to London, where I decided to turn the carriage into an impromptu focus group. Armed with my business concept and my unique selling proposition, I approached fellow passengers, sharing my vision and seeking their feedback on the name. The train's rhythmic clatter seemed to sync with my heartbeat, each positive nod from a passenger bolstering my confidence.

By the time I reached London, "SOS Remedies" was no longer just a name; it was a brand with a story, a mission, and most importantly, a connection with potential customers. It was a name that resonated with my journey, my passion, and the essence of what I wanted to offer to the world.

The Power of Mentorship

Recognizing the vastness of the entrepreneurial landscape, I sought guidance. Finding a mentor was not as straightforward a decade ago as it is today. Platforms like MentorCruise didn't exist, so the search was more hands-on. After diligent research and networking, I was fortunate to connect with a seasoned expert in skincare products. This mentorship became a cornerstone of my journey, helping me craft a robust business plan and navigate the intricate challenges of the skincare industry.

Navigating EU Regulations and Product Testing

Entering the skincare market, especially in the EU, meant navigating a labyrinth of regulations and ensuring every product met the highest standards. The EU's stringent guidelines required thorough testing and compliance checks. With my mentor's guidance, I undertook the rigorous process of ensuring each product was not only effective but also safe and compliant. This phase was both challenging and enlightening, teaching me the importance of quality and integrity in the skincare industry.

Diving into the World of Marketing

Starting from scratch in marketing was daunting. With no prior experience, I turned to every resource available. Late-night online courses, free tutorials, and especially YouTube became my classrooms. The digital realm was brimming with information, and I was a sponge, absorbing strategies, especially tailored for skincare products. Every campaign, every strategy was a learning curve, teaching me the nuances of connecting with customers and building a brand presence.

Continuous Learning: The Heartbeat of Business

Mistakes were made, but each misstep was a lesson in disguise. From misjudging market demand to facing supply chain disruptions, every challenge reinforced the importance of adaptability and resilience in business.

SOS Remedies wasn't merely about concocting skincare potions. It was a voyage, a testament to the power of dreams and the magic that unfolds when one dares to believe, even when the path is shrouded in mist.

Early on, I adopted a hands-on approach to customer feedback. I remember giving away soap samples to customers, eagerly awaiting their insights. One particular feedback about the soap's lather consistency led to a two-month-long reformulation process, resulting in a product that became one of our bestsellers.

From setting up shop on Etsy to spreading the organic love to B&Bs across the UK and beyond, every step was a lesson. There were challenges, of course. Days when the weight of running a one-woman show felt overwhelming. Yet, every dispatched package, every word of appreciation, every bulk order was a beacon, illuminating the reason behind it all.

Envisioning the Future

As SOS Remedies blossomed, my vision for its future grew. From introducing new product lines infused with exotic natural ingredients to exploring collaborations with eco-conscious brands, the horizon looked promising.

To the dreamers, especially those teetering on the edge of a business venture they've always yearned for: The road ahead may be riddled with unknowns, but the elation of transcending those barriers is indescribable. Envision yourself on the cusp of boundless possibilities, the thrill palpable, the horizon beckoning. That bold stride into the enigmatic expanse? That's where dreams take flight and aspirations crystallise.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less travelled by, And that has made all the difference.
- Robert Frost

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