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Mahmud Khairul Rahman – Meet the Mentor

I'm incredibly thankful for this opportunity to contribute to and grow with the MentorCruise community. Having spent more than six years immersed in the ever-evolving world of digital product design, I bring not just my skills but my passion for crafting experiences that resonate and truly make a difference.
Mahmud Khairul Rahman

Senior Product Designer, Tlece Global Limited

Why did you decide to become a mentor?

Deciding to become a mentor on MentorCruise was driven by a few key reasons. Firstly, it offered a platform to give back to the community by sharing my knowledge and experiences. I believe that mentoring is a powerful way to contribute to the personal and professional growth of others, helping them overcome challenges and achieve their ambitions. Secondly, it presented an opportunity for personal growth.

Engaging with mentees from diverse backgrounds and fields has enriched my perspective, honed my communication skills, and broadened my understanding of different industries.

Lastly, being a part of MentorCruise facilitates networking with other professionals who are equally passionate about mentorship, creating a vibrant community committed to learning and development. This alignment with my values of continuous learning, contribution, and community is why I decided to become a mentor on MentorCruise.

How did you get your career start?

I started my career managing a design team to deliver client requests on time. Managing a design team and overseeing the delivery of both small and large design components provided me with a robust foundation in team coordination, project management, and the intricacies of design work.

However, it was during this phase of my career that I stumbled upon the fascinating field of UX design. As I explored more about UX design, I realized it was a perfect blend of my passion for technology, psychology, and design. The prospect of enhancing user experience by making products more accessible and intuitive intrigued me deeply.

I began dedicating time to self-study, attending workshops, and enrolling in online courses to deepen my understanding of UX principles, methodologies, and best practices.The more I learned, the more I became convinced of the critical role UX design plays in the success of a product. This transition was not without its challenges. I had to quickly adapt to the fast-paced, ever-evolving landscape of UX design, keeping up with the latest trends, tools, and technologies.

But the satisfaction of seeing my work positively affect users' experiences made every effort worthwhile. As I continue to grow in this field, I am eager to explore new ways to innovate and improve the user experiences of future technologies.

What do mentees usually come to you for?

Mentees who come to me often lack real-life guidance at a stage where they are not sure how to shape their UX career, despite being extremely talented. This lack of direction not only impacts their confidence but also hampers their professional growth. They are searching for someone who can provide them with practical advice, mentorship, and the resources necessary to navigate the complexities of building a successful UX career.

As a mentor, I strive to bridge this gap by offering personalized guidance tailored to each mentee's unique strengths and aspirations. By fostering a supportive and collaborative environment, I hope to empower these talented individuals to realize their full potential and make their mark in the UX world.


What's been your favourite mentorship success story so far?

I recently met a mentee who had to take a break from her studies. She was excelling in UX design and had gained a good amount of knowledge, but the break created a gap in her learning.

I assisted her in reconstructing her learning path and helped her understand the fundamentals. As a result, she gained confidence and became better at solving problems on her own.

Our journey didn't stop at just improving her technical skills; we also worked on developing her soft skills, such as communication and teamwork, which are crucial in a collaborative field like UX design. By the end of our mentoring sessions, she was not only more knowledgeable and skilled but also more confident in her abilities to contribute effectively to any project she undertook.

What are you getting out of being a mentor?

I have had the pleasure of meeting many incredibly talented individuals with a strong interest in the field. Each of these individuals brings a unique perspective and skill set that enriches our collective understanding and innovation in the field. Their passion is evident in their work, driving them to explore new heights and challenge conventional wisdom. I also love learning from them.

I am continually fascinated by the wealth of knowledge I gain from their diverse experiences and expertise.

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