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Pathrise Cost Breakdowns: Is It Worth It?

Pathrise, though a great platform, has costs that can seem confusing to many. Read this to see a full Pathrise cost breakdown and if it's worth it.

If you're looking to excel in your career, you may have heard of Pathrise. The platform itself is for mentorship, helping people land their dream roles for (somewhat) free.

Yes, that's right. Pathrise will initially help you for free. They only require you to pay a percentage of your new salary if they secure your ideal job within 12 months.

It's a different payment model; however, because of this, it has caught the attention of many people. After all, you only pay for the results, which seems fair, doesn't it?

As a mentorship platform ourselves, MentorCruise, we know a thing or two about running a mentorship website. Although our business model is much different, we feel that we can provide a fair analysis of whether Pathrise costs are worth it.

In this blog post, we'll cover the following topics:

  • What is Pathrise?
  • The costs associated with Pathrise.
  • Whether Pathrise is worth it.
  • The best alternatives to Pathrise.

What is Pathrise?

Pathrise is an online career accelerator program that helps aspiring tech professionals land their dream jobs. It provides one-on-one mentorship, career advice, and training. Pathrise users are paired with experts from top tech companies who act as their mentors.


Everything You Need to Know About Pathrise Cost

What makes Pathrise very appealing is its pricing structure. It's rather unique and something, not many businesses do nowadays. Let's take a look.

Pricing model

Pathrise offers a pricing model called an income-sharing agreement (ISA), where participants pay nothing upfront.

Instead, they repay Pathrise a percentage of their first annual income once they secure a job placement. The payment typically ranges from 7% to 14%.

The ISA lasts for 12 months, and participants are only released from the commitment after not accepting a job for 12 months.

Pathrise allows early withdrawal, but there is a fee of $250 for every week in the program.

Pathrise’s Income-Sharing Agreement (ISA)

Pathrise's income-sharing agreement aligns its success with that of participants.

Payments begin once a job placement is secured, and the amount depends on the participant's income. The payment percentage is individually determined during the application process.

Participants commit to the 12-month agreement and are expected to honor the payment terms. However, they have the option to withdraw early, although this incurs a fee.

Terms & conditions

The following outlines the guidelines and stipulations associated with the use of Pathrise's services and platform:

  • Pathrise requires payment of a percentage of the first year's salary after job placement, with an ISA lasting 12 months.
  • The program is open to U.S.-eligible workers and focuses on job search strategies.
  • Program costs are salary-dependent; higher salaries mean higher costs.
  • If a job isn't secured within 12 months, the ISA is waived.
  • Pathrise demands a 12-month commitment, with an application process to select participants.

Is Pathrise Worth it?

Now you know a little more about Pathrise, let's answer the most important question: is Pathrise worth it?

Pricing considerations

The pricing model implies that the cost of the program is directly tied to the participant's future earnings, making it a significant financial commitment.

The program is described as a luxury coaching service, with costs ranging from $208.33 to $375 per month for a $100,000 salary and $125 to $225 per month for a $60,000 salary over a 24-month term.

The program's pricing is considered to be a substantial investment, and we encourage potential participants to carefully consider the financial implications before enrolling.

User opinions

User opinions on the worth of Pathrise vary. While some users recommend the program for its effectiveness in securing jobs at high-impact companies, others express concerns about the cost and the value provided.



Pathrise also has "extra" support features in areas like resume optimization, interview preparation, and salary negotiation. The success stories of Eva, Kevin, and Wendel showcase the effectiveness of Pathrise's comprehensive approach to achieving positive job search outcomes.



On the other hand, some Reddit and Quora users caution against using Pathrise, with one user specifically advising against their virtual programming. Several individuals mention that the 7 - 14% cut Pathrise takes may be excessive, leading fellows to pay more than expected.



Alongside this, some concerns have been raised about Pathrise, including feeling pressured to sign up out of desperation for a job and the perceived high cost of the program.



Pros and Cons of Pathrise


  • Tailored mentorship and expert training from top tech professionals
  • Community support and a network for job seekers
  • No upfront fees—pay only when hired
  • Comprehensive interview prep and career advice


  • Users noted contractual obligations and early withdrawal fees contradict Pathrise's "pay when hired" claim
  • Reports of mentors urging applications for unsuitable jobs, leading to inefficiency
  • The cost is high compared to similar services

Best Pathrise Alternative

There are many Pathrise alternatives. However, one that provides better quality of outcomes, more customizability, increased control, and more affordable rates is MethorCruise.

MentorCruise features

  • Flexible mentor selection
  • Carefully selected database of top mentors
  • Experience with renowned companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and GitHub
  • Subscription-based model
  • Transparent and upfront payment structure
  • Detailed categories, expertise, and availability for mentor selection
  • Top 1% of members ensuring a 24-hour response time

Pathrise vs. MentorCruise

Now you know a little more about MentorCruise, let's compare it with Pathrise.

Pathrise vs. MentorCruise Description

Pathrise offers access to a wide network of mentors from over 200+ companies, including top tech firms, providing diverse expertise and guidance to participants.

MentorCruise offers personalized mentorship, connecting individuals with industry professionals for tailored guidance and support in their career development.

Database of Industry Mentors

Pathrise offers a database of industry mentors selected based on their experience, connections, and passion for teaching. 

MentorCruise provides a handpicked database of industry-leading mentors with a variety of specializations.

Pricing Model

Pathrise operates on an Income-sharing agreement model.  

MentorCruise operates on a subscription-based model, providing a more predictable and upfront payment structure to help candidates make informed decisions.

Interview Preparation

Both MentorCruise and Pathrise focus on preparing individuals for technical and behavioral interviews, providing guidance and support in these critical areas of the job search process.

Resume and LinkedIn Optimization

Pathrise provides detailed feedback and guidance on crafting compelling resumes and optimizing LinkedIn profiles to enhance professional presence and maximize job opportunities in the tech industry.

MentorCruise offers assistance with resume and LinkedIn optimization, helping individuals present their professional profiles effectively to potential employers in various industries.

Portfolio Building and Strengthening

Pathrise offers a comprehensive module on portfolio building.

MentorCruise provides support in building and strengthening professional portfolios, an essential aspect of showcasing an individual's work and skills to potential employers.

Considering MentorCruise's personalized approach, carefully selected mentor database, and transparent subscription-based model, it presents a compelling alternative to Pathrise for individuals seeking career guidance and job search support. 

Ultimately, the choice between Pathrise and MentorCruise depends on individual preferences and needs, with both platforms offering distinct features and benefits.

5 reasons why people choose MentorCruise over Pathrise

As you can see, MentorCruise and Pathrise are completely different. The business strategy and industry approaches are very different.

Here's why you should choose MentorCruise over Pathrise.

1. Flexibility and personalization

MentorCruise offers a highly flexible and personalized approach, allowing individuals to select mentors based on specific categories, expertise, and availability. This ensures a tailored experience that caters to their unique needs and preferences.

To prove this, Mónica's case study demonstrates the flexible and personalized approach of MentorCruise, by connecting her with a mentor who could provide tailored guidance in Flutter technology, Mónica's professional growth goals aligned with her career targets.

The agile and personalized mentorship experience catered to her specific needs and aspirations, highlighting the importance of tailored development opportunities.

MentorCruise's highly flexible and personalized approach allows individuals to choose mentors based on expertise, categories, and availability.

2. Global reach

With its personalized approach and flexibility, MentorCruise has become the preferred choice for individuals working across international borders. It provides a more personalized experience that may be lacking in Pathrise's model.

3. Transparent payment structure

MentorCruise operates on a subscription-based model, providing a transparent and upfront payment structure. This empowers individuals with greater control over their financial commitment, unlike Pathrise's income-sharing agreement (ISA) model.

4. Quick response time

Mentors on the MentorCruise platform are the top 1% with exceptional 5-star ratings and maintain a 24-hour response time. This ensures timely support and guidance for mentees seeking immediate and responsive mentorship.

5. Tailored guidance

MentorCruise focuses on one-on-one mentorship and maintains a carefully curated database of industry-leading mentors from top companies. This guarantees individuals receive tailored guidance and support to excel in their career development.

Clara's experience with MentorCruise showcases the platform's emphasis on personalized mentorship and a curated network of top mentors. By connecting with mentor Sandrina, Clara received tailored guidance to address skill gaps and align her career goals.

MentorCruise also provides a comprehensive solution with scheduling, meeting notes, feedback mechanisms, direct messaging, and video conference capabilities, delivering a customized experience for mentor-mentee relationships.

Use MentorCruise Today

While Pathrise is a trusted online mentoring program, it’s cost and pricing structure can be difficult for users to grasp and maintain long-term.

Fortunately, at MentorCruise, we offer similar benefits at a more affordable price. With enhanced convenience and easier access, MentorCruise stands out as a strong alternative to Pathrise.

As the market evolves, so do the mentors and coaches within our community, who assure us that we provide the most up-to-date career guidance. With our flat monthly price, you won't need to spend on anything else.

To discover more about MentorCruise, we invite you to browse through our mentor catalog today.

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