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Signs You’re Ready for a Career in Digital Marketing

For most people, it takes years to figure out what career is right for them. We all hope that we can find a career that we’re passionate about, gives us a sense of purpose, and pays enough to put food on the table. It can be an encouraging reminder that this process takes time for everyone!

One career question many people have asked themselves recently has been “is digital marketing a good career?” With more than 3.2 billion social media users in the world, digital marketing has become a popular career choice much of the world gets their information online. Every business requires an online presence, and digital marketers are the skilled professionals many brands and companies seek out.

With digital marketers being in such high demand, many people are wondering how to become a digital marketer and if digital marketing is right for them. Fortunately, with the help of MentorCruise, you can connect with industry-experienced mentors who can provide guidance in your career pursuits. Whether you have questions about finding a new role, performing better at your current role, or looking to change careers, mentors at MentorCruise offer professional support to further your career.

Luckily, we’re going to break down some common signs that you’re ready for a career in digital marketing. As you read along, think about whether you feel passionate and inspired by these digital marketing skills and job responsibilities.

You Desire a Career that’s Creative and Competitive

If you’re thinking about a career in digital marketing, you’re likely someone with a creative drive. This can mean you like to approach problems in an outside-the-box fashion or that you have a deep passion for the arts. Whatever your creative strength is, it will be a huge advantage for you in a digital marketing career.

If you’re someone who craves more creative freedom and opportunities in your work, then digital marketing might be the career for you. Brands and companies will ask digital marketers to achieve several objectives like improving brand image, reaching new customers, launching new products, and more.

To excel in a digital marketing role, you should be prepared to have a deep understanding of the particular brand and be a thought leader on how to achieve these goals faster than the competition. For instance, a cookie brand will ask its digital marketing team to evaluate the local cookie market, understand online cookie trends, and develop a plan to raise brand awareness and sales through various digital marketing strategies.

You Crave a Fast-Paced Work Environment

If you’ve been in the workforce for a few years, you likely know that some jobs are more exciting than others. While many people enjoy the slow, methodic pace of jobs like accounting and IT, many people thrive on the competitiveness and energy felt in jobs like marketing and sales.

If you’re someone who craves a high-energy, high-impact environment, then you should consider a career in digital marketing. Digital marketing is, without doubt, a fast-paced role at any company that has the opportunity to influence corporate strategy.

Digital marketers are required to stay up-to-date on internet fads, market trends, customer feedback, and brand perception at all times. Digital marketers tend to live by metrics like customer churn, CPM (number of impressions), click-through rates, and other indicators that the marketing strategy is effective in reaching new customers and making sales.

You Enjoy a Collaborative Work Environment

One of the benefits of being a digital marketer is that you will work with most internal departments as well as any suppliers or customers you may have. Digital marketing covers a vast number of responsibilities for a company that requires people to work in collaborative settings with all sorts of professionals. Digital marketers are in charge of distilling important customer insights and working in teams to share this data with the rest of the company.

For example, if your video game company was to collaborate with Disney on a new feature in one of your games, the digital marketing team would be heavily involved. As a digital marketer, you would likely work with Disney to align on a joint marketing strategy that benefits both parties while also working with internal teams to ensure that projects are running smoothly.

Due to the high level of visibility and impact digital marketers have, those in the role need to enjoy and thrive in collaborative work environments. If you’re someone that yearns for team projects and working with others on a regular basis, you might enjoy a career in digital marketing.

You Consider Yourself an Effective Communicator

At the core of every good digital marketer is an effective communicator. Being a digital marketer means that you have to bridge the gap between the company’s objectives and the client’s desires.

For instance, if a company is trying to share its eco-friendly initiatives, digital marketers will be tasked with determining the best way to share these initiatives with the company’s target audience.

Being a good communicator will be important for internal activities as well. Digital marketers work with internal departments like sales, IT, and product development to provide customer insights and feedback on products and services. The insights provided by digital marketers typically impact the work of the entire company.

You Enjoy Working with the Numbers

Did you know that 93% of all online interactions start with a search engine? Working with insights like these is what makes a career in digital marketing so exciting.

Many digital marketers are people who enjoy puzzle solving and analytical thinking. One of the most important digital marketing skills is being a critical thinker. Digital marketers are often working with large data sets from a wide range of sources and are asked to distil meaningful insights and strategies from the data.

For instance, digital marketers may work with consumer behavior data on how consumers interact with business pages on Instagram. From these insights, digital marketers may determine that they need to engage with a certain demographic or use a specific social media platform to reach their desired audience.

Digital marketers often find themselves working with large, complex data sets. However, only the best digital marketers can sort through the data and gain meaningful insights that can influence corporate strategy. If you love playing games strategy games like chess or pondering complex analytical questions, digital marketing may be the right role for you.

You Like Learning New Skills

Are you someone that often gets bored with new work or tasks after a short amount of time? While many jobs require workers to perform the same mundane, repetitive tasks, digital marketing is quite the opposite.

Keeping up with technology has literally become a full-time job for many people, especially digital marketers. Social media and online fads are changing on a daily basis. Whether it’s a viral TikTok dance, a new Snapchat filter, or an exciting social media trend, digital marketers are often required to learn new skills on a regular basis.

If you’re someone that enjoys the constant challenge of learning new skills like mastering a new social media platform or understanding a new online engagement strategy, then digital marketing may be the perfect career fit.

You are Naturally Organized

When it comes to digital marketing, organization is everything. Digital marketing is a 24/7 job because the internet never closes for weekends or holidays. Brands are constantly posting on social media and engaging with customers. Simply due to the nature of the work, digital marketers need to be organized.

Lack of organization is why so many companies and brands fail in their digital marketing efforts. Creating a brand image that provides value to customers and is entertaining takes time and effort, it doesn’t happen overnight. Digital marketers who can provide organizational support will find success for themselves and the brands they represent.

If you’re someone who enjoys organizational work like creating social media schedules or running data analyses, you should consider a digital marketing role. Digital marketers need to stay consistent and deliver on short- and long-term strategies.

You Appreciate the Impact of Digital Marketing Work

Digital marketing is an incredibly impactful job and can be a source of excitement and passion for those who appreciate this. Understanding the importance of digital marketing is why local businesses spend 5 to 10% of their revenue of digital marketing alone, and 14% for large corporations. Digital marketing plays an important role in determining the look, feel, and strategy behind every product or service you enjoy.

For instance, when a new pair of sneakers are released by Nike, digital marketers impact every aspect of the strategy behind the product launch. From the marketing and celebrity endorsements to the launch parties and social media strategy used to launch the new shoes, digital marketers meticulously plan and research every detail to maximize engagement and success.

If you’re someone that feels drawn to the level of impact that digital marketers have on corporate strategy and brand identity, you will likely enjoy a career in digital marketing. Digital marketing is the key to success for many modern businesses, and therefore, is a great place to start if you want to run your own brand or company one day.

You Want a Dynamic Career

Digital marketing offers people an exciting career path where no two days look alike and usually requires new skills to be learned. If you’re looking to avoid a job that’s bogged down with repetitive tasks, then digital marketing may be for you.

The world of digital marketing is constantly changing. Just a few years ago, having an online presence was not a top priority for businesses. Now, Google and Facebook’s main revenue sources are ad revenue from small and large businesses. Further, while TikTok is just a few years old, almost every local shop and international brand use their TikTok account as the main way to engage with their audience.

Digital marketing offers people the chance to enjoy a career that rarely looks the same year after year. New strategies and technologies are being developed each year that drastically change the landscape, and only the most adaptive companies continue to find success. If you enjoy being challenged by your job in new and exciting ways, then you should consider a career in digital marketing.

You Excel in Problem-Solving Tasks

Are you someone that loves problem-solving tasks like puzzles, riddles, and strategy games? If you are, digital marketing might be an exciting career path for you!

Digital marketing is all about strategy. Whether it’s figuring out the best color palette to catch the reader’s attention, determining which social media platform is best to reach likely customers or even planning a product launch strategy, digital marketers are constantly asked to solve complex real-world problems.

The fun in digital marketing comes with the limitations. Digital marketers may be asked to solve problems like: “How can we boost brand engagement before the holiday season?”, “What social media strategies can we use to improve popularity with younger consumers within budget?”, or even “Which celebrity endorsement would drive the most internet traffic?”

The best part about the problems posed to digital marketers is that they’re constantly changing. Because the way we interact with the internet and technology changes daily, digital marketers are constantly finding new ways to solve problems that didn’t exist yesterday. For those who have a love for solving complex tasks in creative ways, you should highly consider a role in digital marketing.

Is Digital Marketing the Right Career for You?

Digital marketing has become one of the most in-demand jobs of the decade. Regardless of size and industry, almost every company needs an online presence to grow their business, and thus, needs the help of a digital marketing team.

Digital marketing is an exciting career path for many. It offers a dynamic work experience that requires complex problem-solving skills and collaborative work. The job of a digital marketer can be incredibly impactful and is a great way for people to advance to higher positions in a company.

Digital marketing isn’t a career for everyone. Even if some of the signs listed above resonated with you, it doesn’t mean that you should become a digital marketer. However, there is definitely a career out there that suits you.

At MentorCruise, we believe that everyone deserves to have a job they’re passionate about. Whether you’re looking to rise the ranks in your current role or explore a career change, the experienced professionals at MentorCruise are here to help! Visit our website and learn about we can help you find a career you love. 

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