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Sunny Zhu – Meet the Mentor

9-yr analytical experience across industries, from advertising consulting, online gaming, fintech to eCommerce (luxury brands/ furniture). She is currently at a kids eCommerce marketplace and wants to
Sunny Zhu

Data & Analytics Lead, Indeed

Why did you decide to become a mentor?
I really care about inclusive and equal opportunity for everyone, I want to help share what I learn to anyone might feel it useful :) everyone’s career path is unique and I always wish for the best for my mentees. Seeing they achieve what they work so hard for is very rewarding and I witness so many career transformational moments for my mentees.

As a team leader, I always put my team first and strongly huge part of people manage is mentorship, being a mentor definitely help enhance my deep listening capabilities and factors my day-to-day with my team

How did you get your career start?
I’m a statistics person and was on PHD program, I realized academic or deep research is not really my passion when I enrolled the program about 6-month, so I pivoted into master program and determined to be practitioners for these data story telling skills. I started my career in consulting which teaches me so many best practice and also realized I really want 360 view on data across business pillars. Being in-house analytics team and navigate through various industries, I grew to be a data leader with extensive experience across marketing, product, finance and strategy, I really enjoy the impact I bring to the team everyday and enjoy the bridge between data and business to solve any business challenges step by step with right data

How do you usually set up mentorships?
I love to meet with my mentee weekly and bi-weekly, the agenda would usually drive by mentee bc the most important things is to make sure these sessions do help them solve whatever is most important on their mind. Sometimes if mentee has very specific goal, then we would use initial 1-2 sessions to set up a plan to help mentee move forward to the desired outcome, we’ll stick with the plan and check in regularly. I would clearly communicate or state the goal/ agenda of each session based on the information I sensed from mentee and help drive the conversation as needed. I believe as a mentor/ leader, the most important thing is listening and asking the right questions, guiding mentees to explore the solutions on themself if needed.

What’s been your favourite mentorship story so far? (optional)
There are many successful mentorship, i.e helping my analysts to realize her passion in data science and transition successfully to visible roles, help my analyst to tap into data engineer field with the mission of high data quality mindset, or helping mid-career people developed data-driven mind sets and nailed dream roles, or witness new grads build confidence and find great first role, building up his career in tech industries

What are you getting out of being a mentor?
Being a mentor is magical and definitely helps build confidence when see my advice bring big impacts on real life and cheer these milestones for them along the way.

Being a mentor enhances my belief about daring to lead, putting those great thoughts on the table and seeing how people react to these, build up grit over time.

Mentorship helps me be a leader with more empathy & patience and always deep listen my team/ peers

Mentorship is really rewarding for me and I’ll continue to do so

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