Thinkful Alternatives: Tech Mentorship

Published Dec. 3, 2019

It is our goal to make mentorship in Tech more accessible. Thinkful is a coding bootcamp which shares this goal with us – and is providing close to 300 mentors to their students.

Thinkful Alternatives: Tech Mentorship

About Thinkful

Thinkful is a mentorship-powered coding bootcamp, offering a selection of tracks and courses, ranging from Data Science to Product Design. The company is offering access to a well-crafted curriculum, bundled together with 1-on-1 time with one of the company’s 300 mentors. 90% of the bootcamp’s alumni land a job after 180 days of completing the program.

Thinkful offers a set of financing options to reach that goal: First and foremost, there is a Income Share Agreement, allowing you to pay the tuition fees as part of your new salary after the bootcamp, namely 15% of your salary for three years.

Other financing options include:

  • Receiving a living stipend, paying back 15% of salary for four years
  • Loan with monthly payments
  • Paying month-per-month, at $2,000+ per month
  • Upfront payment, ~$16,000

About MentorCruise

MentorCruise is an independent education platform with the goal to connect you with the mentor you deserve for effective career development and skill building, according to your own goals and expectations. The platform allows you to choose a mentor from the marketplace for longterm, career- or skill-driven mentorship and is allowing you to book specialized Sessions, such as a Introductory Call or a Sample Interview with a mentor for a relatively cheap price.

Mentors communicate via chat and/or video calls and support mentees in organizing learning resources, advisory calls, career building and more. There is no limit to the interactions a user can have with their mentor – the program is therefore perfect for anyone looking for the most personal way of doing coaching. Whether you want to chat, have a call or work through e-mail is entirely up to you.

All mentors go through an application process, are educated and continuously audited, promising the highest quality of mentors at all times. Prices range between $0 to $200 per month.


Thinkful MentorCruise
Tagline One-on-one mentorship Coding Bootcamp 1-on-1 Tech Mentorship
# of mentors ~290 250+
Cost $2,000+ per month, financing available $0 - $200 per month
Type Immersed Coding Bootcamp & Course with a 1-on-1 mentor 1-on-1 Mentor offering Daily Messages, Tasks, Sample Projects & Calls per Agreement