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Bianca Trif Quick Responder

 United Kingdom

Engineering Lead - GoCardless

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I am currently Engineering Lead at GoCardless, a fintech based in London, UK. On a day to day basis, I lead technical projects across the stack, working with technologies like React, TypeScript, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, PHP, PostgreSQL. Prior to this role, I worked as a Software Engineer for 6 years.
Apart from the technical aspect of my role, I spend a lot of my time mentoring or coaching more junior people in the company. I have also mentored for a couple of volunteering mentorship programmes, such as:
* Next Tech: Girls, London - OCTOBER 2018 and MARCH 2019
Taught under-represented high-school students basic HTML and CSS and helped them build personal websites within the two-week programme
* Code First: Girls, London - FEBRUARY 2019 - APRIL 2019
Mentored university students in Web development fundamentals by working on practical projects with real-life applications
* Coder Dojo, Romania - JANUARY 2013 - FEBRUARY 2015
Taught programming fundamentals to children aged 5-10 through building projects in Scratch
Mentored youths aged 10-16 in learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript and programming basics

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