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Developer @ Codeable
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Web developer with more than 8 years of professional experience. I am an expert on WordPress where I worked on smaller projects to projects involving complex and custom development (businesses in $1M/year or more).

I am also a product owner selling various WordPress plugins where I can help you with creating your own product and sell it.

When I am not working, I am writing tutorials and educating others to become better developers.

In 2013, I've started working with a salary of $600/month. Through hard work, learning and strategy, I've started being a business owner and a freelancer so I was able to generate 6-figure income per year. Let me help you plan your career path and get more of your career as a developer.

How will we work together?
1. Have a 30 minute introductory call where we will get to know each other and you'll let me know what you would expect from this mentorship and see if we can work together towards your goals,
2. Create a plan from your goals (be it a development path or career path),
3. Weekly check-ins to see your progress, answer questions and plan the next steps

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