Hi, I’m Salama, the founder of the no-code agency I2B. We’ve been building web applications using bubble (a no-code framework) to develop rapid custom prototypes and MVPs for non-technical founders. I have started I2B from ZERO to +$30K in revenue in less than a year.

Three years ago I had an idea for an app, and I was looking for someone to help develop an MVP so I could validate the concept and test the market potential. I started reaching out to technical people and I got quotes in the ballpark of $10k-$35k, which was way beyond my budget. I had no programming experience, so I started searching for tools to help me build the app. After a lot of research, I found bubble, which I used to build a crowd-shipping platform in 7 days without any code.

Later on, I decided to offer my skills to help other non-technical founders develop iterate faster and validate their ideas in a short amount of time.

If you need help planning, designing or developing your startup using bubble.io, I would love to mentor your no-code startup journey

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