Scott Steeg

Director, Engineering @ Medidata Solutions, Ex-Amazon
6+ years building highly effective teams
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What's your vision of leadership? Can you describe your leadership approach in one sentence? Without simply listing your responsibilities as an engineering leader, can you capture the core values and behaviours you provide that unlock value in your teams and organization? These aren't straightforward questions -- they require truly understanding yourself!

With over 10 years professional experience as a Software Engineer and 6 years as an Engineering Manager, I'm an engineering leader that focuses on empathy, trust, and communication. Whether it's 1:1s or coaching, I love listening, asking questions, and helping others to understand their passion and value, so they can take control of their own journey.

⭐️ I'm currently seeking to connect with new managers, or those looking to make the transition into a people manager role.

Coaching isn't about telling you what to do, but guiding you towards answers through your own reflection. You won't be alone on this journey, as I'll also share my own experiences and lessons learned. Together, like all great partnerships, we'll raise each other up as we focus on the following areas:
- Transition to management
- Team performance
- Executive presence
- Stakeholder management
- Delegation & feedback
- Career development

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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