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I am a Risk Analytics Leader from San Francisco, CA with a background in Systems Engineering with specialization in Data Analytics/Data Science who focus on solving critical business problems for top Consulting, Fintech and Financial Services companies in Payment Fraud/Money Laundering domains through Data Analytics and help banking organizations in saving multi million dollar fraud/operational loss as well as in meeting regulatory guidelines.

I have technical expertise in Data Analytics, Data Quality, Data Science, Data Visualizations, Text Analytics, Payment Fraud/Money Laundering, Analytical Databases, SQL, SAS, Python, and Tableau/Power BI. Furthermore, I reviewed proposals for Google AI impact Challenge as a DataKind member and presented at numerous Big data and Analytics conferences; published articles in many Blogs and Analytics Journals (Informs Analytics Journals, CXO Insights, Data Science Central) on data science and career advancement related topics.

In addition to building practical and impactful risk solutions, I am passionate about coaching and mentoring students. I taught and mentored both professionals and students close to 100 people on Data Science, Soft Skills and Interviewing Skills related topics at both Online and In-Person settings through Intercell Virtual Mentor Network, Instructional Connections, Articula and Ascend network. As a Data Science Leader, I helped many direct reports in growing their data analytics career further and really helping them in taking their career to the next level.

You should have me as a mentor if you are thinking about
1. How to get your first data analytics/data science job,
2. How to write effective resume and build an impressive portfolio,
3. How to excel in phone technical interviews,
4. How to excel in behavioral interviews,
5. How to transition to data analytics/data science career,
6. How to be a great team player and build effective relationships at workplace, and,
7. How to take your data analytics/data science career to the next level.

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I like to empower people and enjoy seeing people succeed. Looking forward to chatting with you!

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