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Nicola Croce

Product Manager, AI @ Wayve
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Product Manager at Wayve.ai (London) Wayve is a London-based startup ($200M Series B) building a unique Autonomous Driving stack through end-to-end Deep Learning and a camera-first approach.

Previously, Product Manager at Deepen AI, a Silicon Valley Startup building AI-assisted tooling for the development of Automated Driving Systems (Multisensor data labeling, sensor fusion, calibration).

Former co-Founder of Tactile Robots, an Italian startup designing artisanal autonomous indoor delivery robots for the HORECA sector.

Experience supporting tech founders. I led the set up of the first founders program for ex Googlers in Palo Alto, CA: including structuring programs to give them support through coaching from top-tier investors and mentorships from unicorn founders.

Passionate about science and technology

Very much eager to help motivated tech founders and working professionals around AI Product Management and career progression whenever I can.


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